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10 Classroom Management Techniques Every High School Teacher Should Know

Teaching kids in high school is not something that is ever easy or straightforward. To begin with these children are going through a very sensitive phase of going up and coming into their own and they have a hundred different things going on at any given point. Teaching them, holding their attention, building enough trust with them are all areas that will challenge you every step of the way (well unless you are Mary Poppins and you can do magic). But there are certain classroom management techniques that can really get you and your class going well.

Classroom Management

Being kind doesn’t mean that you can’t be firm

Classroom management techniques will only work if you have this one method nailed. Be kind to all your students. Do not be aggressive or unnecessarily rude. However you must also remember to stay firm. Students will listen to you and respect you if they realise that you are the kind of teacher that can be kind and sweet while also knowing where to draw the line with leniency.

Get their attention before speaking

Do not start shouting at the top of your voice trying to get the attention of your students while they are busy talking amongst themselves. First, get their attention. Then using clear language give them the directions. If you want to know how you can effectively communicate with a class, you should look at classroom management techniques for higher education. It could help point the way.

Tidiness and appreciation of school property

One habit that you need to nurture in your bunch of teenagers is that they simply must clean up after themselves. This should not be restricted to just the classroom. If you spot a student littering the premises anywhere, advise them about it. Teach your students the value of respecting the school property as well as fellow students by cleaning up after themselves.

Be fun every now and then

Let’s face it, nobody wants to learn from a bore. Everybody likes to feel like what they are learning is fun and that is exactly what it should be!!! Try and be a bit fun. Don’t always be about the notes and the tests. Kick back when you can and make your students smile.

Classroom Management Techniques

Be prepared

Don’t you ever think about going into class unprepared, unless you plan on telling your students that you are unprepared? Just with all the luck teachers have, that might be the one day where your class studied and you forgot to come after prepping. Stay prepared and plan ahead of time.

Encourage questions

Always motivate students to ask questions that is the only way in which they will remember the subject matter critically. This will be something that also keeps their brains whirring and buzzing in school.

Offer support always

Be there for them. Each of us no matter what our ages are, are fighting out own personal battles. Be good to your class and you will find more respect for you in them than you ever would, had you punished them.

High School Teaching Skills

Don’t favour for any reason

Ethics are very important and in the case of a teacher transparency and integrity are very important qualities. Do not favour any student for any reason. No matter how great they are, they are not exempt from things that others are prohibited to do.

Tomorrow is a fresh start

No matter what happens today, go home and rest up. Leave the days incidents of the day back in school. That is the past.

Take care of you

Before you take care of anybody else, you must take care of yourself. Stay healthy and relaxed. If your mind is exhausted, you cannot exactly teach now can you?


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