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10 Mental Hacks to Become Self-Motivated and Be Confident In Yourself

Confidence shines through.

It’s as simple as that. The more confident you are about yourself, the easier it will be for you to navigate your personal or professional life. We meet different people every day and it’s important to understand that allowing others or situations to get the better of you, intimidate you, or simply push you into a place where you just lose confidence in yourself, is not alright. Here are 10 tried and tested mental hacks to become self-motivated and improve your confidence.

Understand the process

Step one in knowing how to become a confident person, is to also acknowledge that this will be a process. If you are currently in a situation where your self-esteem has taken a nose dive, you will have to drag yourself out of that and into a positive mindset. So don’t expect shortcuts. Rather, nurture patience and perseverance.

Love yourself

Once you are ready for the long road ahead, focus on loving yourself. If you constantly put yourself down and feel like you are not enough, you will not gain any confidence. On the contrary, your negative vibes will give people the impression that you are seeking approval, which never looks good.

Believe in yourself

Each morning as you wake up, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you can do this. Even if it is just getting through the day, you still can do it and do it well. Gradually, you will realise that your faith in yourself will help you overcome the trepidations that you otherwise have to fight every day.

Don’t take blame when not accountable

You want to know how to be super confident? Here’s a great tip. If you have been taking the blame silently so far, for things that you have not done, or should be blamed for, stop doing it immediately. Starting now, tell yourself that you will stand up for yourself. This does not mean that you fight with people. It simply means that you can voice your opinions, and do so without fear.

Don’t become a people pleaser

People pleasers are those who go through life, because others want them to do so. They usually lack self-confidence and will not speak up, even when they are right. Do things that make you happy and that will contribute to your life. Forget the world and forget trying to keep everyone happy, because you will be miserable.

Develop thick skin

People will always judge you, even if you do exactly as they ask you to do. Therefore, develop a thick skin and don’t let the opinions and perspectives of others affect you when they are destructive. If somebody offers you genuine constructive criticism, it is fine to take that into consideration, but even then, don’t take everything too personally. Relax. You are enough.

Let the past stay in the past

Often, we hang on to our failures and ‘bad’ experiences in the past. It leads to a vicious cycle where you are always hung up on it and therefore, afraid to make bold decisions about your future. Let go of the past. What happened, happened. No matter how bad it was it will not determine your future, unless you let it.

Distance yourself from toxic people

Have the guts to move away from people who pull you down. Don’t let people bully you or insult you. If you feel anxious and unhappy around some people, or are in an abusive relationship, move away from them as fast as you can.

Be unconditionally you

If you really want to change, do so because you know that it will benefit you. Don’t change for the benefit of others. Be yourself unconditionally and be proud of your journey. You are unique.

Get support from the right people

Improving your self-confidence is also dependent upon the vibes you deal with regularly. Get support from your inner circle that you trust; the people who tell you how amazing you are. The more you believe this, the more confident you will be.

So if you’ve been asking yourself how to be super confident, you have your answer. Try out these mental hacks and get started. But we also know that this process isn’t sugar and spice and everything nice, which is why, we also have our experienced tutors coach you along the way. Enrol on our Certificate in Personal Confidence and Motivation – Level 2 and find out how you can become intrinsically motivated and improve your level of self-confidence.

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