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20 Decorating Tricks for your Sweet Home

20 Decorating Tricks for your Sweet Home

Home is where the heart lies. It’s where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it’s normal to expect to keep your house tidy and pleasing to the eye. Interior designing can do wonders to a space. There are so many things to learn from home decorating courses. Thereafter, you can apply this knowledge to make your own place look beautiful. Moreover, a home decoration diploma will cover many aspects in beautifying space.

In the meantime, here are a few tricks that can make your home look much better than it is.

Set up a cosy place for reading

Find an unused corner in your home. Arrange it in a cosy manner to use as a place for reading. This separate area encourages reading for everyone in your family. It also helps readers to go into a world of their own. Your family will enjoy reading and will take it up as a hobby.

Add floral arrangement

A pretty floral arrangement will add a lot of colour to an otherwise boring space. You can spruce up your living room, bedroom or even bathroom in this manner. A home decoration diploma teaches you the basics of floral arrangement for a home.

Use wall mount storage

Wall mount storage helps save a lot of space in your house. In addition, it also gives a unique appearance to the entire space. Use wall mount cupboards or expandable racks for extra space.

Style your home entrance

Style the entrance to your home even in a small way. You can add plants along the sides of the path. Additionally, you can have a stylish door knocker for a classy look.

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Fill up and style an empty fireplace

An empty fireplace can be plain and boring to look at. Instead, transform it into a small gallery. You can lay some vases and hang colourful pictures above.

Keep a small stool in the bathroom

Having a stool in the bathroom does add a luxurious look to it. In addition, it gives you extra space to keep your toiletries.

Add furniture by the front door

Try to add a coat rack and small folding chair or stool by the front door. This will look classy and also be very useful. In fact, people can sit on the chair or stool and remove their shoes.

Use black paint without fear

Black paint can make a statement if used in the correct manner. Select a suitable place such as a wall in the corner of your living room. This will stand out among the rest of the walls that have a lighter colour. You can learn about colour contrasts by following a home decoration diploma.

Style your book cupboard

A book cupboard can be defined with style by something other than books. You can decorate it with vases, sculptures etc. You can keep these in empty spaces spread among the many books in the cupboard.

Install a canopy in your bedroom

A canopy helps make a bold statement to your bedroom. The entire space will get a royal look just by doing this trick.

Introduce new throw pillows

Get some new throw pillows for your bed or sofa. New colours, patterns etc. can create a pretty look for your bedroom or living room. Combining colours and patterns are taught in home decorating courses everywhere.

Place a bold floor lamp in a corner of your living room

A floor-to-ceiling lamp is sleek, stylish and an architectural stunner. It greatly adds to the beauty of the entire room.

Add a large piece of art

Make a simple wall more exciting by adding a large piece of art. You can select abstract art for this to make it even prettier. Follow a home decoration diploma to learn how to use art to brighten up space.

Add a nature-inspired touch to your living room

Introduce plants and nature-based texture to your living room. It adds warmth and dimension to the area.

Reupholster the furniture in your living room

You can create a dramatic change by simply reupholstering furniture. Play around with colour and you will notice the difference right away.

Install new lighting in your room

New lighting in your living room and bedroom creates a noticeable change. Everything from the colour of the lights to the light shades can help give the place a new look. Lighting and its effect in a space are taught in online home decorating courses.

Freshen up your bathroom

You can make your bathroom appear brighter by painting the walls in white. This can create a dramatic effect, especially with the lighting used in bathrooms.

Apply accent wallpaper

Take one wall in your living room and apply accent wallpaper to it. You can select a pattern and colour of your choice, for this.

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Rearrange the furniture in your living room

You don’t have to have everything lined up. Play around with the placement of your furniture to make it a fun and cosy place.

Add a tablecloth that is bold and patterned

Cover your dining table with a tablecloth that is bold and patterned. It makes a plain space more eclectic.

At Global Edulink (GEL), we have a range of home decorating courses which you can follow. Let’s learn more about this.

Home decorating courses

A Home Decoration Diploma teaches everything you need to know about designing space. At Global Edulink,  we have the following courses in relation to this subject area.

  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Designing at QLS Level 3
  • Diploma in Home Improvement – DYI
  • Diploma in Interior Designing – Level 3
  • Diploma in Home Decorating and Refurbishment – Level 3
  • Home Decorating and Interior Designing Essentials Training
  • Mastering Home Decorating, Improving and Gardening

Learning at Global Edulink

We have a team of professional tutors who are industry experts. Our learners have the privilege of following self-paced courses. They can re-visit the course content whenever they want to. Learners will have access to the course material for up to 12 months from the date of course registration.

You can log in to our website for more information on the above courses. Our support team is always available to help you via chat, email or phone.

August 27, 2021

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