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Global Edulink – online education for a skill-hungry workforce

Global Edulink is a leading online learning and training provider. We provide courses that are suitable for anyone wishing to advance their career, or learn new things. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, no matter what their situation, which is why we strive to keep our resources cutting edge and easy-to-understand. There is a growing population of people who want to keep learning, no matter what their age, but because education has become so expensive and constricting, they find themselves unable to do so. That is where Global Edulink comes in. We make it possible for people to access quality and interesting teaching materials at any time and in any place, so that they can gain new skills, and build knowledge. Our courses help people to find new employment, establish their own businesses, or take up new hobbies, and much more. Global Edulink is raising the standard and accessibility of learning, whilst always keeping the price at affordable level to everyone. 

Education is just one aspect of life that can shape who you are and who you want to be as an employee. In a time-poor world, sometimes you need a flexible approach to help you achieve your goals. Online learning with Global Edulink offers just that – professional and vocational training to fit in with your life.

Global Edulink is well-established in the UK, but reaches out to learners all over the world. The company aims to bridge the gaps in a three step process of training, skills, and jobs, where you can learn at your own pace using interactive teaching techniques.

Our mission:

• To shape and change lives around the world by providing exceptional education and training which is affordable and accessible for all 
• To make the world a place full of skilled, intelligent individuals 
• To provide excellent support to our students and to make their experience with us the best it can be

The courses:
Learners can select from a range of vocational training and professional development courses to suit their needs and career goals. You can choose from courses in the following core areas:

• Accounting
• Project management
• IT
• Customer service
• Beauty therapy
• Teacher training
• Business
• Office administration and many more.

How the courses work:

Learn with Global Edulink and you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight and knowledge from tutors who are well qualified and experienced in their industry sector. Your tutor will be your mentor and support during your learning journey.

Because each course combines practical and theory, you’ll pick up essential knowledge and gain the confidence to put it into practice at the same time.

High-quality course materials are provided, which you can access at any time during the course, to help strengthen your knowledge so you can perform well in the workplace.

The course structure is focused around modules, with mock and final exams at the end, with pass grades and diplomas awarded on completion. Some courses will lead to professional qualifications assessed and awarded by external bodies such as BTEC.

Browse through the course guides and you will find details on skill levels or any entry requirements, who the course is best suited to and what you can hope to achieve and build on while you learn. Some courses require no prior knowledge or experience, while others are for those already in a specific job or with some experience to build on. The course details also cover the method of assessment and length of course.

Why choose us as a learning provider?

We’re affordable

You’ll find rates that were set with the learner in mind. We look beyond the company to the needs of our learners and qualified tutors, to ensure we are providing the best quality for an accessible price.

Always looking to improve

Feedback on courses and course tutors is actively encouraged and we evaluate our trainers regularly.

Have confidence in our staff

With ID CRB and reference checks on every tutor running one of our courses, you can have peace of mind when you book training with us.

Flexible learning

Our courses are accessible all day, every day, so you can learn around your lifestyle, whether that includes work, family time, or hobbies and interests.

Responding to the workplace

We are a company that reacts to change and the different needs both in industry areas and the workplace as a whole. You can therefore be assured that you will be provided with up to date training materials.

Technology is key

Through our qualifications, we can help you use and improve technology in your workplace. We’re all about technical and vocational education.

Professional development

If you’re a teacher, counsellor or administrator, we have a range of professional development courses to help you succeed in the workplace.

Most of all our business is built on a reputation for high-quality learning and the results and achievements of learners.

We prove our learners with the following benefits:

• High quality resources and mock exams 
• Course material that has been created by industry leading experts 
• 24/7 access to our learning portal
• The ability to apply for an NUS extra discount card
• A well-recognised accredited qualification 
• Excellent customer service and administrative support
• Access to a course forum where students can discuss their experiences 
• Technical support and live chat service to answer enquiries 
• Outstanding support from a tutor via email

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