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Could Microsoft PowerPoint Training Help you?

If you are professionally trained to use Microsoft PowerPoint it could give your career prospects a boost. PowerPoint is used by many businesses across a number of sectors to make presentations, brochures and other marketing materials. Most people have average capabilities when it comes to using PowerPoint, and could benefit from improving and honing their skills, which is why we have created courses designed for this very purpose!

Microsoft PowerPoint Training from Global Edulink includes an abundance of useful learning material to help you get the most out of Powerpoint. Create first class slideshows to dazzle your colleagues, learn to navigate the program seamlessly, and even develop your presentation and delivery skills. The course is beginner to intermediate level, so even if you have experience using PowerPoint there is something to be learned.

PowerPoint has the ability to import pictures from almost any location and is fully compatible with other programs in the Microsoft Suite. Documents from Word can be inserted into a presentation or you can move a presentation page to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows for much more flexibility and can make your working life a lot easier.

Learners who complete the course will be PowerPoint geniuses! So start your training today.

Microsoft Office 2016 Essential Training
Microsoft Office 2016 Essential Training

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Beginner
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Beginner

Advanced Microsoft Office 2016 Training
Advanced Microsoft Office 2016 Training

June 12, 2017

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