Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Support Assistant – Level 3

Working with animals is not always warm and fuzzy. If you want a career in Veterinary, you have to take the good with the bad. Caring for animals, particularly the sick can be emotionally draining unless you have the skills required to perform your job professionally. At the same time, it is only animal lovers who will enjoy a career in the veterinary industry and find it highly rewarding. If you love being around animals and would love to turn your passion into a career, then the Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Support Assistant – Level 3 course is perfect for you.

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Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Support Assistant – Level 3

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What will I learn?

Learn veterinary terminology

Learn how to feed animals who are healthy and sick

Learn how to interpret signs of pain

Learn the basic anatomy and physiology of animals

If you are interested in working in animal shelters, working in animal training or volunteering with foster animals, this certification will give you a starting point to further your career path. 

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