BA (Hons) Business (Tourism) (Top-Up)

If you have previously completed an HND in Business (or equivalent) then this Top-Up will enable you to achieve a full undergraduate honours degree in Business (Tourism).

Are you interested in business with a passion for travel and tourism? Developing professional level skills and an understanding of the dynamics of the tourism industry is the right choice for you. This course prepares you to become an effective manager in the tourism sector – but also have a range of transferrable business skills.


BA (Hons) Business (Tourism) (Top-Up)

Start Dates

January, April, July, October


1-2 years

Awarded by

Arden University

Course Fees

£ 4,275 for UK/EU Students
Pay as you go: £1,500 x 3
£3,847 for International Students
Pay as you go: £3,000 deposit, then £1,050 instalment.

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The overall aim of the Arden University BA (Hons) Business (Tourism) is to enable students to acquire knowledge, understanding and a range of practical skills relating to key tourism disciplines which are applicable to a range of commercial and non-commercial sectors, and in a variety of geographical and cultural settings. More specifically it is the aim to develop skills and understanding specific to tourism management and to enable managers to respond to changes in the external environment through effective decision making. Simultaneously they will develop a range of transferrable skills that will aid them as they pursue business careers or further relevant study. More specifically it will:

  • ♦Enable students to build upon their areas of strength, existing knowledge and prior experience, career aspirations and current challenge using innovative and flexible distance learning strategies.
  • ♦Facilitate students in developing professional level skills in tourism, supplemented by an understanding of a range of associated business disciplines. For example, Hospitality
  • ♦Develop knowledge of the nature of the tourism environment and students will be able to recognise the strategies and decision-making processes required to manage changes effectively.
  • ♦Promote understanding of the key aspects of current practice in the field of tourism while acknowledging current and emerging developments in related disciplines.
  • ♦Equip students with the essential skills and tools to work professionally in a tourism business situation and to be effective and professional practitioners, when working independently and when collaborating with others as part of multidisciplinary teams.
  • ♦Enable students to communicate effectively through a variety of media and presentational forms to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • ♦Prepare students to work within diverse settings and to appreciate the complexity of decision making in such contexts, local, national and international.
  • ♦Develop an awareness of those entrepreneurial skills which best encourage the growth of enterprise and support the creation of new businesses.
  • ♦Provide a stimulating online academic environment in which students can develop confidence as practitioners, and as individuals who are part of a highly engaged community of learners and thereby to inspire students to become lifelong learners.

To be eligible for this course you should have:

♦ A HND in Business or equivalent, provided that your prior learning is consistent with Level 5 of the functional areas of business (Finance, Marketing, HRM and Operations Management)

For students whose prior learning was not taught in English:

♦ IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Core modules:

Level 6

♦ Contemporary Management Issues

♦ Strategic Management

♦ Managing Self and Others

♦ International Management

♦ Research Methods and Dissertation


Assessments provide an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths in a number of ways and so a variety of methods are used,
these could include:

♦ Assignments

♦ Essays

♦ Presentations

♦ Case studies

♦ Portfolios of work

So, where can you go after University?

Generally, graduates have a much wider range of options available to them than just the subject matter of their degree. Typical business and tourism graduate job titles:

   ♦ Business Manager

   ♦ Hotel Manager

   ♦ Travel Consultant

   ♦ Sales Manager

   ♦ Business Development Executive

   ♦ Marketing Executive

   ♦ Operations Manager

   ♦ Tour Manager

   ♦ Travel Agency Manager

   ♦ Event Organiser

   ♦ Travel Administrator

If you wish to apply, please click on the link below. Your application should take no longer than five minutes to complete. Please try and provide as much detail as possible so we can properly advise you on the next steps. Once you’ve submitted your application, one of our dedicated course advisors will contact you within 48 hours. Apply Now

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