The Global Edulink Student ID – What You Need to Know

Global Edulink Student ID Card

We at Global Edulink believe in the success of our students and that is why our learning community has been growing over the past years. As a pioneer in education – both online and classroom, we ensure that our students from all over the world get nothing but the very best of education and support.

Studying with us not only brings you immense benefits like easy payment plans with zero interest, the best prices and a vast range of courses to choose from, we also give our learners tutor support and course materials that allow them to have a fulfilling learning experience.

How does our student ID card work?

Our student ID is one such benefit that students gain when they learn with us. The card is valid for the period of 01 year and will need to be renewed each year if students wish to keep using it. In order for a student to renew their student card, they must have completed any programme with us within the last 3 months prior to the card expiring. If they meet these requirements, students are able to apply for a new card or renew the one that they already have. Students will also have to pay a sum of £9.99 for shipping within the UK or £24 for international shipping annually for students to have their card renewed.

What are the benefits of the student ID card?

To start off, students get to enjoy their favorite courses with an additional 5% discount when they have the student ID card.

Students can also use this ID card to claim a lot of different offers and discounts at restaurants, gyms and stores. This basically means that you simply can use the student ID card outside of Global Edulink to save up and enjoy a lot more!

You can also watch your favorite movies at the cinema with tickets for discounted prices in addition to discounted library offers using the card.

How can you get one?

If you fulfill all of the requirements that we spoke about at the start, all you have to do is simply visit our student ID application page online and fill in your details. Once you have completed, you can enter your shipping address details and payment details. We will then start processing your order. However, do make sure that the details you enter on our submission form are correct and reflect the name and other details that you wish to appear on the card.

Join our learning community right away and gain access to hundreds of innovative and accredited programmes that will help you build a solid career path. be sure to also apply for our student ID card while you study with us and take advantage of all these amazing benefits.

If you do need more information do email our team on or chat with us online on our website.

We hope to see you soon among our learners and we wish you all the very best!

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