What our learners like about us

Global Edulink has been a pioneer in the online education industry in addition to its expertise in providing Live Online and Classroom programmes that offer a well-rounded and immersive educational experience. Boasting a learning community of over 224,000 globally, we bring 800+ online courses taught by over 120 expert tutors right to our learners wherever they may be. Our innovative and engaging methods of teaching have provided students with an affordable, convenient, accredited and time-effective method to gain recognised qualifications that hold value in both academia as well as the professional sphere.

One of the biggest reasons behind our success has been our thirst for constant improvement and to adhere to golden standards in education. In order to make sure that we are providing the best possible experience for our students, we take their feedback seriously and we value it immensely. We are honoured that our students find learning with us enjoyable and that they have provided us with amazing feedback that we would like to share with you.

Here are some of the main reasons as to why our students say, that they love learning with us and that they would recommend us to others.

Customer support

Our team work around the clock to make sure that all student queries are answered and that our students as well as our customers get the best possible support that they can. Whether they are making a call directly to our team or sending an email through, we attempt the best we can to answer them as fast as possible, so that our learners need not keep waiting. The efficiency of our team and their friendly, helpful and professional nature was something that had been appreciated by many students. For example, Vicky Vlorica a learner said on TrustPilot David on customer support was very helpful and efficient. As well as others team members who answered prompt to all my questions and inquiries. My bad I didn’t memorize their names.”

Tutor support

Another main focal point that was appreciated by our learners is the help and the support that is extended to them through our tutors. While the students are enroled in the programme our expert team of tutors work dedicatedly to ensure that all their questions are answered and that they gain as many practical and theoretical skills needed so that their learning experience bears them rewards. Our tutors are highly qualified and helpful and students need not thin twice if they have any questions that need to be cleared. Soho Lvle a learner who had a pleasant experience said “Global Edulink, I really do not have much to say but studying with Global Edulink is the best and they give better understanding about each courses in the way it should be for proper understanding. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to become your student” BeautyBeyond1, another learner said “My Course Advisor was very efficient and informative, returning my calls promptly and was always available to answer my questions, even the silly ones.”

Quality, course validity and recognition of the programmes

We take the quality of your education very seriously and we only impart the highest standards of knowledge. We comply by all of the rules and regulations so that our students gain exceptional value for the money that they are spending, while also gaining a qualification that can add high value to their career. We are glad that our students see and recognise this and that they applaud the high quality of the programmes that we have carefully curated for them. All programmes cover a wide range of modules that are essential in ensuring that the student has the right knowledge and skills. Not only are all our programmes recognised in the industry, some of them also allow for students to directly transfer into degrees in universities and complete their education in a much faster manner. According to one of our learners on TrustPilot – The Courses at Global Edulink are very good and of high quality. The staff at Global Edulink are also very helpful and assisted me with some problems I had with Course deadlines. Highly recommended.”

Course material

We offer free of charge course material with our programmes to our students so that they are able to study easily. In addition to this, they also gain complete access for 365 days 24 hours a day to their online student portal where they will be able to access all of the material that is needed for them to study effectively. These factors have helped out students study with ease and it has been a point that has been much appreciated by our learner base. A happy learner, Allna Bucur told us, Easy to use and understandable courses. I really enjoyed doing the course and Roshell Ruth was so kind helping me very quickly for any enquiry. I really recommend Global Edulink. Thank you so much guys.”


We want to always make sure that there is something for all of our learners. We believe that while a fee is required in education, no student should be exempted from their right to learn just because they may not have access to a large amount of funds at once. Our programmes are priced affordably – the best prices around in fact and we also offer amazing discounts and savings from time to time each month, so that our students can make use of those coupons to save more and learn more. We also have an easy payment plan with ZERO % interest which means that students can pay affordable instalments without having to worry that they will accrue an interest over time. C Patrick one of our learners shared their thoughts saying, Overall very happy with Global Edulink. The cost of many of the courses are affordable, and when purchased, the online course is easy to use. There is always someone there to help with any questions or queries that I’ve had. Keep up the good work Global Edulink


We offer online programmes primarily and that means that students can study from anywhere and anytime. It is simply a matter of logging into the system. This helps students from any walk of life – even those who have really busy schedules, are employed full time, married, parents or otherwise continue their education without disruption.

Do you want to restart your higher education? Or maybe you simply want to upskill to do better at your profession? Why not contact our team on support@globaledulink.co.uk and find out all about our programmes.

You can visit our website here www.globaledulink.co.uk and checkout what we have in store for you as well.

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