A certificate is not just a piece of paper, it is your ticket to a new and improved future! Celebrate the work you’ve put in by getting a hard copy of your accredited certificate today, frame it, put it on your wall, and feel accomplished. Not only is it the perfect accessory for any home, it’s practical, as most employers will want to see a paper copy of any educational certificate.

Global Edulink E-certificate

All of our learners who successfully pass their chosen course will be provided with an e-certificate to show the achievement they have made. We want to give our learners the best of both worlds, so we provide the ease and convenience of an e-certificate, and the luxury of a beautiful paper certificate.

Every e-certificate states the course you have completed, the accreditation of the course, and the date it was awarded. We recommend purchasing a hard copy of your certificate as well, so that you ensure the safety of your personal records.

Global Edulink Official Certificate

Celebrate your success in style with your very own certificate. These certificates have been carefully designed to make sure they look sleek and professional, so will make the perfect addition to any mantelpiece.

Any Global Edulink student who successfully completes their chosen course is entitled to purchase a hard copy of their certificate, and we encourage students to do so. Not only does it show off your fantastic ability, it is also very useful to have for your personal records, and can easily be taken to job interviews.

The certificate signifies which Global Edulink course you have taken, the fact that you have successfully passed, the full accreditation of the course, and has our official hologram.

Get rewards, and save your hard earned cash!

We want to make it easier for you to get a hard copy of your official certificate, so would like to present the following offers:

Order your printed certificate and we’ll give you a £20 voucher, which will be valid on your next Global Edulink purchase over £39.

Get your printed certificate free if you invite a friend and they purchase any course from Global Edulink

“I’m so glad I got a hard copy of my certificate, I have it framed in my living room and every time I see it I’m reminded of all the hard work I put in, and how far I’ve come. The certificate arrived really quickly and was in pristine condition, it looks great and made me feel very happy. If I ever need to take it to an interview I can, or I can send an online version, which is really handy! I love my certificate, and I’m really pleased.”

- Anne Mary

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