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Enrol on the Childcare Course Bundle for only £69 and start a career in Childcare.

In this course you will be given the skills and knowledge on caring for infants and young children, and how to be a sensitive and balanced nanny and childcare worker. Learn new ways to plan a kid’s party and make it a memorable birthday celebration and gain the ability to learn the skills needed to establish a successful party planning business.

Courses Included

The Childcare Course Bundle will cover key topics on working with parents, establishing routines, learning to eat healthy early in life and insight into child emotions, behavior and development.

Career Paths for our Childcare Course Bundle

Once you successfully complete the Childcare Course Bundle you will be qualified to work in the following positions. The qualifications will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary per annum is given below:

  • Childcare Worker - A Childcare Worker can earn over - £7.21 per hour
  • Nanny - A Nanny can earn over £9.14 per hour
  • Nursery Worker - A Nursery Worker can earn over £7.07 per hour
  • Mental Health Counsellor - A Mental Health Counsellor can earn over £25K per annum
  • Teacher - A Teacher can earn up to £27K per annum

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