Certified Digital Marketing Professional with Official Exam

Access Duration - 365 Days
Guided Learning Hour 30 Guided Learning Hours (30)
Course Material Course Materialr Course Material
Number of Modules 11 Number of Modules 11
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What Will I Learn?

Gain a strong foundation in the core concepts of digital marketing
Gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively strategies and implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that convert into higher sales
Learn everything you will need to excel at your digital marketing career
Learn the key digital marketing ranges like mobile marketing, social media marketing, Email marketing, PPC marketing and SEO
Learn all about website optimisation and content marketing
Learn how to use the tools of marketing into social media platforms


This excellent Certified Digital Marketing Professional course has been created for individuals who would like to gain new skills, and who would like to hold a globally recognised qualification. The Certified Digital Marketing Professional course is an important certificate, and will provide you an introduction to key digital marketing areas, from mobile marketing and social media marketing to Email marketing, PPC marketing and SEO.

Learning with Global Edulink has many advantages. The course material is delivered straight to you, and can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle. It is created by experts within the industry, meaning you are receiving accurate information, which is up-to-date and easy to understand.

This course is comprised of professionally narrated e-Learning modules, interactive quizzes, tests and exams. All delivered through a system that you will have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days (12 months). An effective support service and study materials will build your confidence to secure your qualification.

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  • Entry Requirements:
  • Career Path
  • Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with our cornerstone certification, and you will receive a strong foundation in the core concepts of digital marketing
  • Give you an in-depth understanding of how to effectively strategise and implement powerful digital marketing campaigns that convert
  • Learn everything you need to excel at your digital marketing career
This online training course is comprehensive and designed to cover the topics listed under the curriculum.

We want to make learning affordable and accessible for all, which is why we offer flexible, interest-free payment plans. The process is simple, enroll on your chosen course with a small deposit, and then pay a manageable monthly Direct Debit – which will not cost any extra, and you can get started straight away.

Payment Method Deposit (Incl. VAT) Installment Monthly Installments Total Price (Incl. VAT) Enrollment
Pay in Full £999.00 x x £999.00 Enroll
Pay using 0% APR Installment Plan* £199.00 £200.00 4 £999.00 Enroll
The assessment is based on a formal computer-based examination that will measure individuals’ knowledge and digital marketing proficiency following completion of the course. Free official exam Vouchers can be requested/booked (exam vouchers will be given upon full payment) when you are ready to take your Exam. Please contact us for further information on exams.
  • Duration: 180 minutes
  • Computer based exam
  • Text based Multiple Choice, Image based Multiple Choice, Matching and Hot Spot questions
  • Pass mark: 60%
Successful learners will be awarded a Certified Digital Marketing Professional certificate.

The Digital Marketing Institute sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling certification. We have certified more professionals to a single digital education standard than any other certification body.

Gaining a certification from the Digital Marketing Institute will ensure you have the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as a digital professional.

Through a series of comprehensive, structured modules you will know how to integrate key digital tactics and practices into your marketing techniques and measure and iterate the success of your digital marketing strategy.

Learners should be age 16 or over, and must have a basic understanding of Maths, English, and ICT.

This certificate could be the additional qualification that gets you a rewarding job in the marketing industry. You can also use this certificate as a foundation to pursue your higher studies in digital marketing or to move ahead of the others in the industry. Below listed are some of the jobs this course will benefit you in, along with the average UK salary per annum according to https://www.payscale.com/career-path-planner,

  • Digital Marketing Executive – £32,984 per annum
  • Content Marketer – £22,000 per annum
  • Marketing Manager – £32,984 per annum
  • SEO Marketing Strategist – £24,630 per annum
  • PPC Professional – £24,765 per annum
Common Career Paths For Marketing Manager

Key Features

Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
Support by Phone, Live Chat, and Email
Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card
UK Register of Learning Providers Reg No : 10053842

Course Curriculum

Student Handbook
Student Handbook
1. Digital Marketing Foundations
1. Digital Marketing Foundations
Concepts of Digital Marketing 00:00:00
The Buyer’s Journey 00:00:00
The Marketing Function 00:00:00
The Marketing Function & Buyer’s Journey 00:00:00
Traditional and Digital Marketing 00:00:00
Digital Marketing Institute 3i Principles 00:00:00
Digital Channels 00:00:00
Planning Stage Considerations 00:00:00
SMART Objectives 00:00:00
Audience Research 00:00:00
Audience Listening Tools 00:00:00
Competitive Research 00:00:00
Industry Research 00:00:00
Cultural Research 00:00:00
Digital Marketing Industry 00:00:00
Business Teams 00:00:00
Shared Business Objectives 00:00:00
Relationship Between Sales and Marketing 00:00:00
Effective Communication Skills 00:00:00
PROPEL Model 00:00:00
2. Website Optimization
1. Website Optimization
Website Optimization 00:00:00
Purpose of Website Optimization 00:00:00
Components of Website Design 00:00:00
Website Hosting Options 00:00:00
Build a Website 00:00:00
Create Layout 00:00:00
Principles of Website Design 00:00:00
Mobile First Design 00:00:00
Website Copy 00:00:00
10.A/B Testing 00:00:00
UX versus UI 00:00:00
UX and UI Principles 00:00:00
Assess UX 00:00:00
Improve UX 00:00:00
Optimize Your Website 00:00:00
Website Metrics 00:00:00
Website Evaluation 00:00:00
Monitor & Report 00:00:00
3. Content Marketing
1. Content Marketing
Content Marketing 00:00:00
Types Of Content 00:00:00
Content Intent 00:00:00
Community Management 00:00:00
Content Marketing Strategy 00:00:00
Social Listening 00:00:00
Competitor Analysis 00:00:00
Content Audit 00:00:00
Content Goals 00:00:00
Buyer Personas 00:00:00
Content Topics 00:00:00
Content Calendars 00:00:00
Content Management Systems 00:00:00
Content Creation 00:00:00
Content Types 00:00:00
Content Creation Tools 00:00:00
Content Curation 00:00:00
Content Curation Tools 00:00:00
Defining Your Personality 00:00:00
Brand Storytelling 00:00:00
Content Personalization 00:00:00
Content Platforms 00:00:00
Content Seeding 00:00:00
Content Scheduling 00:00:00
Content Promotion 00:00:00
Content Repurposing 00:00:00
Content Marketing ROI 00:00:00
Content Marketing Goals 00:00:00
Key Metrics 00:00:00
4. Social Media Marketing
1. Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Part 1
Concepts 00:00:00
Roles & Responsibilities 00:00:00
The Buyer’s Journey 00:00:00
Platform Principles 00:00:00
Hashtags 00:00:00
Facebook Concepts 00:00:00
Facebook Platform Features 00:00:00
Facebook Setup & Customization 00:00:00
Facebook Page Posts 00:00:00
Twitter Concepts 00:00:00
Twitter Platform Features 00:00:00
Twitter Setup & Customization 00:00:00
Twitter Tweets 00:00:00
LinkedIn Concepts 00:00:00
LinkedIn Platform Features 00:00:00
LinkedIn Setup & Customization 00:00:00
LinkedIn Company Page 00:00:00
LinkedIn Affiliate & Showcase Pages 00:00:00
LinkedIn Posts 00:00:00
Instagram Concepts 00:00:00
Instagram Platform Features 00:00:00
Instagram Account Types 00:00:00
Instagram Account Optimization 00:00:00
Instagram Posts 00:00:00
Instagram Story 00:00:00
Snapchat Concepts 00:00:00
Snapchat Platform Features 00:00:00
Snapchat Account Setup 00:00:00
Snapchat Snaps 00:00:00
Snapchat Story 00:00:00
Community Concepts 00:00:00
Community Building 00:00:00
Community Management 00:00:00
Social Media Marketing Part 2
Campaign Development 00:00:00
Objectives 00:00:00
Campaign Analysis 00:00:00
Facebook 00:00:00
Facebook Targeting 00:00:00
Facebook Audience Insights 00:00:00
Facebook Ads Manager 00:00:00
Facebook Power Editor 00:00:00
Facebook Ad Auctions 00:00:00
Facebook Canvas 00:00:00
Facebook Reporting 00:00:00
Twitter Ads Manager 00:00:00
Twitter Ad Formats 00:00:00
Twitter Campaign Objectives 00:00:00
Twitter Targeting 00:00:00
Twitter Ad Auctions 00:00:00
Twitter Campaign Optimization 00:00:00
Twitter Analysis 00:00:00
LinkedIn Campaign Manager 00:00:00
LinkedIn Text Ads 00:00:00
LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads 00:00:00
LinkedIn Sponsored InMails 00:00:00
LinkedIn Targeting 00:00:00
LinkedIn Best Practices 00:00:00
LinkedIn Analysis 00:00:00
Instagram Ad Formats 00:00:00
Instagram Campaign Objectives 00:00:00
Instagram Ad Buying 00:00:00
Instagram Best Practices 00:00:00
Instagram Analysis 00:00:00
Snapchat 3V Advertising 00:00:00
Snapchat Ad Manager 00:00:00
Snapchat Ads 00:00:00
Snapchat Geofilters 00:00:00
Snapchat Sponsored Lenses 00:00:00
Snapchat Targeting 00:00:00
Snapchat Campaign Setup 00:00:00
Snapchat Analysis 00:00:00
5. SEO
1. SEO
Paid Vs Organic Search 00:00:00
How Search Engines Work 00:00:00
Keywords 00:00:00
SERPs 00:00:00
Types Of Objectives 00:00:00
Setting Objectives 00:00:00
Types Of Keywords 00:00:00
How To Conduct Keyword Research 00:00:00
SEO Content 00:00:00
Technical Optimization 00:00:00
OnPage Optimization 00:00:00
OffPage Optimization 00:00:00
Action Plan 00:00:00
Traffic Sources 00:00:00
Types Of Metrics 00:00:00
Measuring Success 00:00:00
6. Paid Search
1. Paid Search
Fundamentals of Paid Search 00:00:00
How consumers use search engines 00:00:00
The Benefits of Paid Search 00:00:00
Campaign Elements 00:00:00
Google AdWords 00:00:00
Account Structure 00:00:00
Account Elements 00:00:00
Keyword Research 00:00:00
Campaign Creation 00:00:00
Budget Management 00:00:00
Bidding 00:00:00
Campaign Optimization 00:00:00
Campaign Measurement 00:00:00
Advanced Measurement 00:00:00
7. Display & Video Advertising
1. Display & Video Advertising
Concepts 00:00:00
Platforms 00:00:00
Advertising Buying Mechanisms 00:00:00
Campaign Objectives 00:00:00
YouTubeChannelSetup 00:00:00
Video Upload 00:00:00
Video Management 00:00:00
Video Analytics 00:00:00
Google Display Network 00:00:00
Display Ad Formats 00:00:00
Video Ad Formats 00:00:00
Display Campaign Creation 00:00:00
Display Ad Creation 00:00:00
Video Campaign Creation 00:00:00
Video Ad Creation 00:00:00
Targeting 00:00:00
AudienceTargeting 00:00:00
Contextual Targeting 00:00:00
Advanced Targeting 00:00:00
Targeting Exclusions 00:00:00
Remarketing 00:00:00
Bidding 00:00:00
Metrics 00:00:00
Display Campaign Reporting 00:00:00
Video Campaign Reporting 00:00:00
Google Analytics Reporting 00:00:00
Campaign Optimization 00:00:00
8. Email Marketing
1. Email Marketing
Key Concepts 00:00:00
Inbound Email Marketing 00:00:00
Legislation and Regulations 00:00:00
Email Strategy 00:00:00
Email Service Providers 00:00:00
Data Capture 00:00:00
Contact Database 00:00:00
Email Components 00:00:00
Audience 00:00:00
Subject Line 00:00:00
Email Copy 00:00:00
Email Design 00:00:00
Call to Action 00:00:00
Images 00:00:00
Email Campaign Creation 00:00:00
Deliverability Factors 00:00:00
Campiagn Delivery Challenges 00:00:00
Campaign Delivery Management 00:00:00
Email Testing 00:00:00
AB Testing 00:00:00
Campaign Performance 00:00:00
Optimizing 00:00:00
Minimizing Bounces and Unsubscribes 00:00:00
Marketing Automation 00:00:00
Marketing Automation Process 00:00:00
9. Analytics
Concepts of Web Analytics 00:00:00
Web Analytics Tools 00:00:00
Measurement Plan 00:00:00
Technical Elements 00:00:00
Benefits & Limitations 00:00:00
Tracking 00:00:00
Settings & Navigation 00:00:00
Integrating Marketing Tools 00:00:00
What is a Goal? 00:00:00
Why Set Goals? 00:00:00
Setting Goals 00:00:00
Measuring Goals 00:00:00
Report Areas 00:00:00
Report Audience 00:00:00
Report Aquisitions 00:00:00
Report Behavior 00:00:00
Report Conversions 00:00:00
Goals and Business KPIs 00:00:00
Target Audience Profile 00:00:00
Analyzing Behavior Reports 00:00:00
Assessing Technical Performance 00:00:00
Conversion Journey 00:00:00
10. Digital Strategy
1. Digital Strategy
Strategy Fundamentals 00:00:00
Propel Model 00:00:00
Planning Concepts 00:00:00
Expectations 00:00:00
ROI 00:00:00
Digital Audit 00:00:00
Digital Resources 00:00:00
Budgeting 00:00:00
Ownership 00:00:00
Research Concepts 00:00:00
Owned, Accessed & Desk Research 00:00:00
Audience Competitor Research 00:00:00
Social Listening 00:00:00
Plan Of Action 00:00:00
Objectives Concepts 00:00:00
Success Outcomes 00:00:00
KPIs 00:00:00
Reviews 00:00:00
Prepare Concepts 00:00:00
Overarching Strategy 00:00:00
Search Strategy 00:00:00
Display Strategy 00:00:00
Content Strategy 00:00:00
Creative Strategy 00:00:00
Asset Development 00:00:00
Connection Strategy 00:00:00
Strategic Plan 00:00:00
Execution Concepts 00:00:00
Launch Plan 00:00:00
Media Plan 00:00:00
Success Indicators 00:00:00
The Value Of Social 00:00:00
Learn Concepts 00:00:00
Reporting 00:00:00
Continuous Development 00:00:00
Cyclical Planning Model 00:00:00
Teamwork 00:00:00
11. Additional Video Tutorials
Website Optimization
1. Website Setup 00:00:00
2. Website Setup 00:00:00
1. Google Keyword Planner 00:00:00
Digital & Video Display
1.Create a Display Campaign 00:00:00
2. Create a Video Add 00:00:00
3. Add Audience Targeting 00:00:00
4. Add Topic Targeting 00:00:00
5. Add Exclusions 00:00:00
Email Marketing
1. Litmus Walk-through 00:00:00
2. MailTester Walk-through 00:00:00
3. MailChimp Demo 00:00:00
Exam Booking
Exam Booking : Certified Digital Marketing Professional with Official Exam

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    A M

    Alina Morris

    September 19, 2019
    Valuable information

    Well written and valuable information that’s easy to read and understand and excellent value for money. The layout of the courses is well organised and makes studying easier to understand.

    E P

    Ellen Poole

    August 23, 2019
    Very good programme

    It is a very good programme. I am glad I came across it. I would highly recommend this company and their big variety of courses to anyone who is considering studying again.

    P B

    Peyton Burton

    July 12, 2019
    Highly Recommended

    I loved studying on this platform, I don’t feel rushed to complete anything and I can take my time to actually try and absorb the information not like at school so I would definitely recommend.

    R H

    Rae Hopkins

    June 08, 2019
    Informative course

    Very thorough and informative. Education delivered in short, easy to understand manner and the distance learning method is very efficient.

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