Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training [Demo]

Access Duration - 180 Days
Guided Learning Hour 48 Guided Learning Hours (48)
12 Credits Total Qualification Time 120
Course Material Course Materialr Course Material
Number of Modules  03 Number of Modules 03
Qualification Number Qualification Number 601/0685/2
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If you’ve always wanted to teach but didn’t know how to proceed, here’s an excellent course for you. The Pearson Level 3 Award in Education and Training will provide an introduction to teaching and training to prepare for employment in the learning and education sector. New and aspiring teachers and trainers, or adult educators that wish to take on such roles will achieve a knowledge-based teaching qualification. You will be fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to prepare, plan and deliver teaching and learning sessions. The course will give you the necessary understanding to participate in micro-teaching.

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training will give you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in teaching and learning, develop skills in teaching and learning, and improve personal growth and engagement in teaching and learning. The course is focused on enabling learners to prepare and deliver a micro-teaching session, and be equipped on how to demonstrate their competence in an educational setting. This is the first step to achieving a teaching qualification and individuals can teach in the following contexts, which include Adult Education, Armed, Emergency & Uniformed Services, Schools & Academics, Voluntary, Public Learning, Immigration Centres, Community Education, Social and Charitable Organisations, Private Learning and Probation Services.

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training will provide a toolkit of teacher training tips and techniques that encourage you to be effective in your current job or newly gained role. You will learn to apply various learning, teaching and assessment techniques, carry out student assessments, and enhance your confidence at being able to share your knowledge with others. You will also learn to identify the traits of effective feedback.

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Steve Faerber is a certified Expert Trainer, Lead Instructor, and Facilitator. He is an experienced Education Consultant who has demonstrated his competence, knowledge, and expertise in the education industry. He is specialised in areas ranging from Education and Training, Health and Safety, First Aid, and Fitness and delivers extensive training to learners aspiring to gain a recognised qualification. Steve Faerber has an engaging and interactive teaching style and delivers his sessions to meet a quality standard. He is instrumental in ensuring potential educators are guided on the right path and will receive effective techniques and strategies to enable them to boost their careers in this field. Additionally, Steve runs his own training company and provides comprehensive training to the public and private sectors across multiple industries.

Pearson is a leading learning company worldwide. Pearson believes that learning is central to improving one’s opportunities in life. The company collaborates with leading educational organisations to offer learners content, curricula, assessment and training. Pearson programmes offer diverse skills that are important to an individual’s growth and development. These skills are highly valued by enterprises and organisations, as they are an important skill-set to achieve higher-level employment.

Why Pearson?

Today, Pearson offers its world-class qualification to over 3.4 million learners every year. If you inspire achievement in an educational setting, Pearson provides a pathway for learners to take the next step and enhance their prospective employability and succeed in an evolving world to deliver the best outcome.

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities in education and training
  • Delivering and facilitate interactive sessions
  • Understanding the relationship between teachers and others
  • Learning about inclusive teaching and learning approaches
  • Applying types and methods of assessment used in education and training

The course will be directly delivered to you, and you have 06 months access to the online learning portal from the date you joined the course. The course is self-paced and you can complete it in stages, revisiting the lectures at any time.

  • Qualification Type: BTEC Specialist Qualification
  • Course Title: Award in Education and Training
  • Level: Level 3
  • Accreditation Status: Accredited
  • Total Qualification Time (TQT): 120
  • Guided Learning Hours: 48
  • Grading Information: The units are at Pass Grade
  • Qualification Number: 601/0685/2
  • Availability: UK & International

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training will give you the confidence and knowledge to teach in further education at a nationally accredited standard.

  • Module 1 – Identify your own roles, responsibilities and boundaries in relation to teaching
  • Module 2 – Understanding inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training
  • Module 3 – Understand assessment in education and training in micro-teaching
  • New and aspiring Teachers & Trainers
  • Tutors
  • Mentors & Coaches
  • Learners must be over the age of 19
  • Learners must have a basic understanding of the English language, ICT, Literacy and Numeracy
  • A sound educational background is an added advantage

In order to complete the BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training, learners must provide adequate evidence to meet all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each required unit. When a learner achieves a unit, they will receive the specified number of credits. The Method of Assessment specifies the standard required by the learner to achieve the learning outcome.

Once you complete the course you will be awarded the BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training by Pearson. It is designed to support and develop learners during their academic journey, whilst equipping them with knowledge and skills and preparing them progress to the next level.

Once you successfully qualify in the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, this Pearson Certificate will prepare you to demonstrate your teaching skills in a range of contexts. You can use this qualification as an introduction within the learning sector and acquire basic knowledge and skills as an educator. Your skills will be recognised and it will enable you to land a generous-paying job, gain plenty of benefits and a wide array of opportunities. Given below are job titles you can compete for, along with the average UK salary per annum according to

  • Teacher - £50,000 (Approximately)
  • Trainer - £42,000 (Approximately)
  • This qualification is the entryway to teaching and training and includes,
  • Teachers starting their teaching career
  • Individuals taking on a teacher or trainer role
  • Adult educators progressing to a qualified teacher’s role
  • This is a practical training that will enable newly qualified teachers and trainers to deliver high-quality lessons in a safe and supportive learning environment.
This certificate can be used towards achieving similar qualifications at the same time. The Level 3 Award in Education and Training will aid career progression in the desired profession. Here are some possible progression pathways.
  • Pearson BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training or,
  • Pearson BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

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Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Introduction 00:02:00
Unit 1 - Identify Your Own Roles, Responsibilities And Boundries In Relation To Teaching
Unit 1.1 – Roles, Responsibilities 00:03:00
Unit 1.2 – The Teaching, Learning And Assessment Cycle 00:07:00
Unit 1.3 – Explain The Teaching Roles And Responsibilities 00:04:00
Unit 1.4 – Equality And Diversity 00:03:00
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
Unit 2 - Understanding Inclusive Teaching And Learning Approaches In Education And Training
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
Unit 3 - Understanding Assessment In Education And Training Micro Teach
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
Assignment Brief
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
Micro Teach
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
Harvard Referencing Guide
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
☑ Submit your Assignment
End of Demo – Register for Full Course
☑ Resubmission
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