Microsoft Office 2019 - Essential Training Bundle

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What Will I Learn?

Present vital company information in professional manner to stakeholders.
Create stunning slideshows for conferences and trade shows.
Achieve the status of CPD Certified Microsoft Office 2019 user.
Gain beginner to advance level insights.

Do you want to upgrade your Microsoft Office Skills to Advance your Career?


Microsoft Office is not just a software suite; it is a productivity package for all small and large businesses worldwide.  More than 1.2 billion professionals use Microsoft Office in millions of organizations daily.  In today’s business sphere, learning Microsoft Office 2019 will go a long way towards your career growth as well as your organisation’’advancement.  Microsoft Office 2019- Essential Training Bundle will drastically enhance the productivity of your business and equip you with transferable skills to get any new job.

Knowing Microsoft Office 2019 skills with Microsoft Office 2019 – Essential Training Bundle will:

  • Provide a leg up in getting good jobs.
  • Develop soft skills to become a better employee worldwide.
  • Improve your office management to project coordination.
  • Help you get a solid grip on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many other productivity tools.

Why Choose GEL to Enrol in Microsoft Office 2019- Essential Training Bundle?

Global Edulink (Gel) newly named as Imperial Learning Ltd is UK’s top-rated online education and training provider officering thousands of vocational and professional courses to transform careers. The latest Microsoft Office 2019- Essential Training Bundle is your ticket to fun-filled learning with engaging techniques and video lessons to become an impeccable office manager or an administrator.

With several awards received for our quality courses, Gel will bring its experience to offer you ample benefits:

  • Learn critical Microsoft Tools to accomplish daily tasks.
  • Life-changing Microsoft skills like spreadsheets, word processing, and presentations.
  • A CPD certificate at course completion
  • Interactive training sessions
  • In-depth Microsoft Office Essentials Training
  • Step-by-step guidance for getting all done.
  • 100% flexible learning opportunity
  • Student ID Cards, TOTUM Discounts
  • 24-hour friendly support
  • Exceptional rates with NO hidden charges
  • Certified industry-standard tutors
  • Encourages learner participation and interaction

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  • CPD Awarding Body
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Who is this qualification for?
  • Prerequisites to take this course
  • Method of Assessment
  • Certification
  • ​Prospective Careers

The CPD certification was established in 1996 as a leading accreditation organisation. It provides advice, support, and accreditations according to CPD standards. Thousands of CPD certified professionals are demonstrating their skills across the globe. Regardless of the industry and sector, CPD courses and seminars are a badge of honor for professionals to develop skills and stay ahead of time.

  • Recognised approach to learning
  • Become an accredited and confident MS Office 2019 user
  • Look ahead for career advancement opportunities
  • Achieve Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

  • Present vital company information in professional manner to stakeholders.
  • Create stunning slideshows for conferences and trade shows.
  • Achieve the status of CPD Certified Microsoft Office 2019 user.
  • Gain beginner to advance level insights.
  • Be able to stand out from the crowd as a professional.
  • Become super productive at the workplace with MS Office 2019 tools.
  • Be able to manage and lead successful project teams
  • Use MS Project for costing and scheduling issues.
  • Master MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook.
  • Project management professionals
  • Office Administrators
  • Typing Assistants and Secretaries
  • College and university students
  • CEOs and Business Owners
  • Team managers
  • Business change analysts
  • Project directors
  • Content Writers/Copywriters
  • Medical Professionals and nurses
  • Engineers and architects
  • Database developers
  • IT Technicians

There are no pre-requisites to enroll for this course. Just Basic English language skills required.

Learning outcome assessment model is based on checking learner’s knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis to earn a certification.

Once the course and the exam are successfully completed, you will be awarded with a much-demanded MS Office 2019 Certificate.

Congratulations!  Now that you have made the right decision to upgrade your MS Office skills with the best Microsoft Office 2019- Essential Training Bundle, you can look for new and exciting Microsoft Office Specialist opportunities in dynamic organizations. Moreover, you can apply for an Executive Assistant, IT Support Technician, or SharePoint Specialist.

  • The average Microsoft Office Specialist salary in the UK can be up to £44,000 per year.

Key Features

Gain an Accredited UK Qualification
Access to Excellent Quality Study Materials
Personalised Learning Experience
Support by Phone, Live Chat, and Email
Eligible for TOTUM Discount Card
UK Register of Learning Providers Reg No : 10053842

Course Curriculum

1: Microsoft Project 2019 - Beginners
Course Introduction
Workspace, The Ribbon and Help
Project Options
Task Basics
Dependencies, Deadlines and Milestones
Views and Timelines
Baselines and Critical Paths
Gantt Chart
Printing and Spellchecking
Tracking Progress
Tracking Costs
The Organizer
Saving Projects
Project Security
Project Templates
2: Microsoft Project 2019 - Advanced
Consolidation and Resource Sharing
Recurring Tasks
Custom Fields
Outline Codes and WBS Codes
Custom Tables
Custom Views
Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping
Visual Reports
Earned Value Analysis
Import and Export
3: Microsoft Word 2019 - Complete Training
Getting Started with Word
Character Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Managing Lists
Controlling Page Appearance
Envelopes and Labels
Mail Merges
Page Setup Options
Indexing and Table of Contents
Review and Printing
Other Word Options
Wrap Up
4: Microsoft Excel 2019 - Beginners
Intro to Excel
Creating Workbooks
Saving Workbooks
Navigating Workbooks
Page Setup and Print Options
Working with Rows, Columns, and Cells
Moving Data
Formulas and Functions
Working with Sheets
Formatting Worksheets
Working with Names
Sorting and Filtering
Outlining and Subtotaling
Working with Views
Linking Files
Advanced Formula Creation
Additional Excel Features
5: Microsoft Excel 2019 - Advanced
Introduction to Excel 2019 Advanced Course
Date and Time Functions
Text Functions
Logical Functions
Lookup Functions
Financial Functions
Statistical Functions
Connecting to External Data
Pivot Tables
Data Analysis
Graphs and Charts
Excel Web App
Course Conclusion
6: New! Learn Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner to Expert Course
Getting Started with Excel
Values, Referencing, and Formulas
Intro to Excel Functions
Adjusting Excel Worksheets
Visually Pleasing Cell Formatting
Inserting Images and Shapes
Visualizing Data with Charts
Excel’s Printing Options
Benefits of Using Excel Templates
Working with Excel Datasets
Excel Database Functions
Excel Data Validation
Excel PivotTables
Excel’s PowerPivot Add-In
Excel’s Conditional Functions
Excel’s Lookup Functions
Text Based Functions in Excel
Auditing Formulas & Custom Views in Excel
Excel’s “What If?” Tools
Welcome to Excel VBA
The VBA Language
Writing VBA Code
Important VBA Tools and Logic
Excel VBA Loops
Triggering Macros
Excel UserForms
Starting a Career in Excel
7: Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 - Complete Training
Course Introduction
Getting Started
Text and Bullet Editing Options
Adding Graphics
Working with objects
Editing pictures
Working with SmartArt
Working with Tables
Working with Charts
Unlocking the Power of Masters
Adding Media
Working with Transitions
Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
Slideshow Options
Preparing a Presentation for Delivery
Exploring the Backstage Area
Course Close
8: Microsoft Access 2019 - Beginners
Getting Started with Access 2019
The Ribbon and Toolbars
Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tip
Access Options
Importing Data
Backup, Restore and Repair
Datasheet View
More Data Types
More About Forms
Application Parts
More Access Options
Info Tab
Course Close
9: Microsoft Access 2019 - Advanced
Primary Keys and Indexes
Using Datasheet View
Linking to Other Access Databases
Using ODBC and SQL Server
Splitting an Access Database
The Ribbon
Visual Basic for Applications
Access Events Model
Advanced Use of Queries
Packaging You Application
10: Microsoft Outlook 2019 - Complete Training
Introduction to Outlook 2019
Setting Up Outlook
Sending and Receiving Mail
Searching Mail
Organizing and Managing Mail
Creating and Sending Mail
Working with People
Working with the Calendar
Tasks and Notes
The Backstage Options
11: Microsoft Teams - Complete Training
Introduction to Teams
Creating Teams & Starting Conversations
Video & Audio Meetings
Additional Features
Mobile App

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