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Digital Marketing Careers

Marketing is a huge industry, and its main focus is to gain new customers, keep those customers, and satisfy those customers. It requires initiative, creative thinking, and innovative ideas, if this sounds like you, you should consider a career in digital marketing. As marketing is purely focused on the customer experience, it is seen as a key part of business, and behind any successful business, there is a successful marketing department. Marketing has undergone a huge transformation in the last few years, especially since the advent of social media, and Digital Marketing has now taken over as the cutting edge in business strategy.

There are many different areas within Digital Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

This involves the creation of social media profiles, on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You’ll be responsible for creating an online brand identity for your company, and will aim to attract large numbers of followers, which in turn will be converted to customers. Social media has become a major tool when it comes to marketing and business, so this is a role which is very important, and can command a large salary.

Our Social Media Marketing course covers the fundamentals of this exciting industry. The modules cover topics such as strategy and planning, how to grow your audience, engagement, and sales. In addition, it provides you with best practices, and allows you to study examples of successful social media marketing strategies, so you can go on and develop your own campaigns. This course is just what you need to become a successful social media marketing professional.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This involves the development of strategies aiming to increase the number of visitors to your organisations website. This is achieved by getting higher ranking places in search results on sites like Google. This is a particular specialism, and is another crucial part of digital marketing, and SEO roles are usually very well paid.

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Business course covers the fundamentals of this exciting industry. The course will teach you all of the essentials when it comes to SEO, and will demonstrate how you can get your business in the spotlight. We make SEO simple to understand, and easy to adopt, even for beginners. If you want to enter the digital marketing industry, this course is a great place to start.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Operations

This involves creating sponsored online advertising. If you’ve ever been online you’ve probably seen some form of PPC advertising, and it’s a large part of marketing nowadays. If it’s used in the right way it can dramatically increase the number of customers visiting your website.

If you like the sound of PPC operations, check out our Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Online Marketing, which will give you an overview of all aspects of digital marketing, including PPC! As well as this, it also teaches you to use WordPress, an essential skill for anyone working in the field of digital marketing. Overall, this course is suitable for anyone hoping to become a digital marketing professional, and provides a whole range of digital marketing strategies and techniques.

We encourage you to check out any of our digital marketing courses to help you kick start a fantastic career in this exciting industry! Click here to find out more.

February 2, 2018

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