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Credibility is everything

Diplomasafe is your way to establish your credibility as a qualified professional. Anybody can claim to have professional qualifications But with us, you will be able to display your digital credentials so that your career is set on a stable and steady path, backed by accredited and industry recognised qualifications.

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DiplomaSafe platform is

a platform to help learners showcase their skills online across social media, email and other platforms. Employer recognition

In a world where you can be anything, be credible.

These days, anyone can claim to be something they are not. Anyone can call themselves an expert. And anyone can add a degree or title they didn’t earn to their resumé with the world being none the wiser. This makes a verifiable, trustworthy credential more important than ever.

Secure digital credentials is the only choice for future-ready educational businesses and organisations. Education and training are transforming via tech-based solutions such as AI, Machine Learning, VR and online and adaptive learning programmes. The benefits are obvious; optimised digital structures and processes that enhance and improve the learning experience. So why is the proof of learning in most cases still a piece of paper or a pdf?

What are the benefits of DiplomaSafe?

Shareable credentials

With DiplomaSafe you can share your credentials online, so that anybody can view what your professional and academic qualifications are. it immediately lends you better credibility and will go a long way in ensuring that your employability is high.

Build your credibility

Credibility is bi now, where anybody can pretend to be be whatever they would like to be. The details you put down on a resume mean nothing without the validation to back it up, and that is where we come in. You can simply share a link to show the digital credentials that you have.

Keep your credentials secure

Your credentials will be secure when you use DiplomaSafe. Nobody can misuse them and what you share with the platform will serve as proof to what you have achieved.

Go green with paperless credentials

Paper does not always work. When you have your credentials online, you automatically go green and also allow people to view your qualifications more readily than when you would have to cary yur certificate in a file.

“Was enriched with my first digital diploma. It is just so much easier to store and share than the paper version.”


Is there any additional cost?

Currently we are offering all CPD and iAP courses via Global Edulink with free access to the DiplomaSafe platform

To learn more about how to get started with this platform and start sharing after you start learning, drop us a message below and our course advisor's shall get in touch with you shortly

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