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Hacks For Everyday Budgeting That You Need To Know About

Let’s be realistic, saving is tough. With all the bills you got to pay off and the expenses, saving a substantial amount from your monthly pay, isn’t exactly looking rosy. But it’s also not impossible. It’s rather a matter of getting our priorities sorted and figuring out how much you really must spend. Keep in mind that sometimes, you need to think about the future and not just having fun today. Besides, if you don’t run a debt, every day is fun without financial problems. So here’s what we’ve got for you; a set of hacks that you can include in your personal finance management. Try them and watch your savings grow.

personal finance management

Hack#1: Watch That Spending

You should not be spending without keeping an eye on how much exactly. Keep one day aside every week for taking a rain check on your personal spending and seeing how much you have on you. You need to keep track of your everyday budgeting so that you know what your actual spending looks like.

Hack #2: Do It Yourself

Cut out those extra expenses. Paint your own toenails instead of getting pedicures, brew coffee at home rather than buying coffee out, and reduce the amount that you dine out.

Hack #3: Save Up On Fuel

Want to save on fuel? Just bundle all your errand trips into one as much as possible. Try to spend less than you can actually afford and pour more of it into you savings. You’ll be surprised how much you save.

Save Up On Fuel

Hack #4: Shop In Bulk

Time for grocery shopping? Get it all in bulk or wholesale stores as much as possible. If you go to chains like Asda or Tesco you also get a value range of items that you can make use of. You may not want to buy everything ‘value’ but the majority of it is actually pretty good.

Hack #5: Hit The Garage Sales

One of our favourite everyday budgeting hacks is exploring thrift shops. There are sure to be some thrift stores, garage sales and secondhand stores around. You can also order and buy things online if that is cheaper. This is a great way to find clothes, books and pretty much a lot of things, while saving some money.

Hack #6: Treat Yourself But Wisely

Don’t always go shopping and get yourself treats if you really can’t afford them. Gratification is important and it great psychologically, but then if you overspend and literally shop till you drop, you really will hit rock bottom the rest of the month. Keep the spending in check and shop wisely.

Treat yourself but wisely

Hack #7: The Way To Buy Gifts

A part of everyday budgeting is also about putting aside some cash for the unexpected expenses, like say, your friend’s daughter’s birthday is coming up and you got to buy a gift. When you do have such birthdays and occasions, look for meaningful gifts rather than ones that are expensive. What’s in a price tag anyway?

everyday budgeting

Want to know more about everyday budgeting? Come and join us for our online accredited programme that can help you save up more and spend less, while still helping you enjoy each day. You can contact us on [email protected] for more information.

Learn Budgeting Hacks for Everyday Use
Learn Budgeting Hacks for Everyday Use

July 11, 2019

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