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Here’s How a MS Excel Course Online Can Help You In Just About Any Profession

How many times have you made a list of tasks, a budget listing for something or have needed to record all you calculations and data as a soft copy? All jobs in this world require something like that, and that is why we have Microsoft Office!

Excel at everything!

Whatever the problem, the answer is a spreadsheet. Human Resources, Product management and development, finance and accounting, Marketing and Publicity, every department uses MS Excel although the uses may differ hugely but that is the beauty of it. No matter how simplistic or complex your task is MS Excel is your solution.

Do you know?

There are now 1.2 billion Office users and 60 million Office 365 commercial customers all over the world. Doesn’t that tell us something about its importance especially in the corporate world? What is rather constructive about this is that this makes software like Excel to improve each year to outperform the previous versions. And those who keep track of it are the Excel Gurus who always have it sorted for us.

You may want to know about Mr. Excel if you don’t know him already, or many other such experts who have simply excelled the art of being know-it-alls. While these people serve has great inspirations as self-made bloggers, vloggers and tutors of Excel, they also are omnipresent on the Internet to help all people with Excel queries that even Microsoft cannot offer an answer to. Find out more about Excel Gurus here.

What Functions Does Excel Serve?

I won’t bore you by explaining the mundane things that you already know. But let’s slightly touch on the wider range of tasks MS Excel can perform, and I’ll help you find resources that will assist you to improve in your specific field of profession.

1. Data Storage
This goes without mentioning, of course. From product listings to graphical representations of big data, Excel helps store everything in a much simpler, easily accessible and organised manner. Anyone can do this without having to know about Excel and I bet a lot of you have done so already. Also the newer Online Excel helps multiple people update a spreadsheet and saves all data in a cloud, which has made life much simpler.

If you are new to Excel, do not worry. You can find all about Excel usage specific to various kinds of spreadsheets creation here. These are the world’s top 69 blogs about MS Excel that can help you start from scratch.

2. Finance & Accounts Calculations
Here comes the somewhat complex tasks that excel can accomplish. For this level of work you may have to be a certified professional or just someone with a good deal of experience in the software.

For starters, the software is capable of producing forecasts on previously collected data, creating charts and analysis by usage of functions and formulae built-in; more complex functions include the VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables and many others that make huge calculations in a matter of seconds. It would be a good idea to start learning Excel side by side if you are an accounts or finance student. This would help you be ahead of your game; you could be the Excel Guru at your office!

3. Marketing and Sales
Keep track of your marketing campaigns, their results, analysis to find out how effective/ineffective they were. You can import data from other larger databases to draw comparisons or you can conduct regression analysis for your own campaigns. If you are a marketer, check out these 10 Excel Tricks Every Marketer Should Know.

You always have to keep track of the sales you make, especially if you are a sales person yourself to know your competitive performance. Learn to manage your inventory and come up with the least possible prices for your clients with easy calculations. Get advice from experts of marketing and sales, find the top Excel formulae and functions that come in handy for every sales and/or marketing person here.

4. Human Resources
While there are various software to deal with like employee data, payrolls, etc, their usage is limited to management and data storage. MS Excel, on the contrary is broader software. Although due to its vast functionality it does not have specific formats for human resource data storage, it is nonetheless largely used for analysis. For instance, the number of absences and employee satisfaction surveys can be used to analyse the revamps a company’s HR may need to run.

Read here how you can run analytics on Excel for HR.

5. Project Management
All project managers would know this part already. But it’s always good to know little shortcuts and tips that make your job easier. In effect, if you are currently studying or are looking forward to pursue project management in future, you may want to start self-learning Excel as soon as you can. Some of them are actually for free! (Find them below) If you are new to project management and are looking for a starting point, this article may help you.

Know about some of the most useful and comprehensive tools for project management in MS Excel here.

Where Can MS Excel Take You?

You know now how Excel is a part of just about every field, every job and every department. But is that convincing enough?

It has literally turned careers around!

You may find this statement to be exaggerated but trust me you’ll be surprised to see where it has taken some professionals in their careers.

Here is a very personal story of a Redditor who invested his time and concentration in Excel to reach new highs.

excel training

Inspiring, isn’t it? You can read his journey and experiences here.

But it’s not just careers that it could change.

I once came across this article published by The Medical Futurist, which I found rather interesting and worth sharing. It is the story of a person who adopted the usage of Excel spreadsheets for one year for his own personal analysis. He was able to recognise his progress, strengths and weaknesses that is inspiring. Read how the one-year Excel spreadsheet experiment changed a life here.

Where To Begin?

So where do you start if you are new? Or how can you improve your level if you are fairly equipped already? Let me get you sorted right away!

Beginners you can start here for free!

If you’re new, this is the last thing you need to worry about. Below is the link to a Microsoft Excel training course with 100% access absolutely free. Global Edulink is one of the leading online education providers of the UK, based in London with excellent customer services and course materials.

FREE Microsoft Excel 2016 – Beginner

For more advanced Microsoft Excel classes online, you can refer to the course list below.

Online Microsoft Excel Training Courses with Certificates Diploma in Microsoft Excel 2016 (Beginner to Advanced) Microsoft Excel 2010 – Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 – Beginner to Advanced Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 Training Microsoft Excel 2010 – Intermediate

But Why Excel Courses Online?

Online training, especially for software is the best medium of study for various reasons. You need to know exactly what functions can be selected, implemented and saved on a software and it is hard to do so unless you see it yourself. That is where online tutorials come in. You have access to them 24/7 so you have to revisit it if you are forgetting something. Moreover, learning software needs practical working knowledge rather than just reading up on it. Online courses particularly serve this function particularly well as you can learn and operate the software simultaneously.

Moreover, Microsoft Excel online certification courses come with accreditations as proof of your qualification that serve a great deal for job hunts. You can easily become a certified MS Excel Professional while you stay at home from anywhere in the world.

Stop waiting and take Microsoft Excel online training courses today to unlock thousands of opportunities to come your way! Comment or reach us at [email protected] with your feedback or any questions. Happy reading!

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