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How Environmental Awareness can be achieved in Your Society

In 1970, Gaylord Nelson, a senator in Wisconsin US, founded the Earth Day for the first time as means of drawing the attention of the people towards environmental issues. Since then, the day has been commemorated around the world on the 22nd April. The day also offers ways to promote environmental awareness to the world’s population each year. Given that our climate is slowly but steadily tipping the scales towards an unfavourable side, the responsibility of ensuring that this plant, our home, remains beautiful and resourceful for our future generations, is one that we all share. At a time like this, where global warming is a real threat and many species are going extinct, here’s what we can do to not only promote sustainability, but to also create ways to promote environmental awareness for our future generations.

Start Recycling

The first thing that you could do from your home to promote environmental awareness and sustainability is recycling or environmental management. Recycling has just as many benefits as buying products made from recycled materials. In doing so, not only do you keep using your products for a longer time, but you also maintain a clean home and save money. You also help save landfill space and considerably reduce the unhealthy waste disposals that happen into the oceans every day. The more you recycle, the better the chance that the earth has, of not becoming a plastic soup.

Make Wise Buying Choices

Among the main methods to promote environmental awareness is buying wisely. Choose sustainable goods and not ones that can damage nature. Avoid wasting food and water. Avoid wasting electricity and gas. When you buy something, read the ingredients to make sure that it has been made of sustainable materials. Many products – especially cleaning products would have the eco-friendly label on them. Compare a few of these and make sure that what you are buying is actually eco-friendly. Reduce the use of plastics in any way that you can. Carry cloth or paper bags for shopping, and say no to excessive packaging.

Grow a small garden  

Reduce your carbon footprint by growing yourself a small garden. The produce that you buy from the supermarket may not always be grown sustainably and more importantly, they may carry various chemicals that are harmful for your health too. Plant some fruits and vegetables wherever you have space and enjoy freshly plucked produce, minus all the chemicals. You can even make your own compost at home from leaves and leftovers.

Plant More Trees

We are cutting down our forests faster than the trees we grow to replace them can grow. Also the rate of deforestation is much faster than that of the reforestation process. Therefore, grow more plants and if you have kids, nurture that habit in them.

Buy Appliances That Save Energy

Today, there are many varieties of appliances that save energy rather than using too much. Choose these appliances and conserve as much energy as you can. The burning of fossil fuels and the likes, is one of the main causes of pollution and global warming. You will also be making some great savings on your monthly or quarterly utility bills.

Want to learn more about how you can help keep our planet green? Why not learn with us? Having knowledge of your environment and sustainability can help you explore great career opportunities too.

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June 28, 2019

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