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How Study Can Land you a Dream Job!

On our course pages we often mention transferable skills, and this is a term you’ll definitely come across during any job search, but it’s a term that gets thrown around so much it can be hard to know exactly what it means.

When you begin any job search it’s a good idea to do a self-assessment and write down all of your education, experience, and the skills you have developed as a result of these. Once you have a list of all the skills you possess, you can begin to categorise them, which ones are job specific and which ones are transferable. For example, if you have a customer facing role, you’ll have communication skills, which can be transferred to a different job role. You’ll be able to effectively communicate with your team, you will be equipped to communicate with clients on the phone, and will be capable of contributing to staff meetings.

Transferable skills are highly desired by employers, as having transferable skills means you have actual experience, and will be able to ingratiate yourself well into the working environment. When you go for interview you’ll often be asked if you have any transferable skills, or what skills you have that apply to the job you’re interviewing for. It is essential to talk about transferable skills in a job interview, as it will show the interviewer that you will be able to fulfil the role effectively, and that you have thought about the job in detail and your suitability for it.

We want you to know how learning with us can actually help your job search, and will provide you with valuable transferable skills that will make you an excellent candidate. The skills listed on your CV or that you mention in interview don’t have to come solely from work experience, they can come from your personal life, from education, and even from any activities you’ve done in your spare time. So online learning, or independent learning, can actually provide a whole host of transferable skills, and will make you a very attractive candidate. Below we’ve listed some skills any learner with Global Edulink can add to their CV!

Independent learning:

Many people can say that they have the skill to learn independently, but if you can prove it with a well-recognised certificate, your CV is greatly enhanced. Potential employers will have tangible evidence that you are able to take control and have a strong work ethic, they will see that you’re no slacker! Make sure that you bring up any independent study that you have completed in interview, as it shows motivation, focus, and drive, which are all very desired by employers.

Ability to take initiative:

Taking initiative means that you have taken action without having to be told to, which is something employers are seeking more in today’s world. They want employees who don’t need to be told, and who do something when it needs doing. If you’re someone who has undertaken a learning course or gained a qualification, you’ve seen that you need to gain certain knowledge or experience and you’ve made it happen, and you’ve done it all off your own back. That is a perfect example of somebody taking initiative.

Time management:

With study, comes homework and assignments, and with these comes a fair amount of organisation and delegation. It’s down to you to sort through any assignments or study that needs to be completed, and make sure you allocate yourself time to work through it. In any job role you need to be able to manage your time effectively, so with the experience of managing your study, you can transfer this to your job.

Meeting deadlines:

If you can meet the deadlines of university, college, or an online learning course, then you can certainly transfer this to the deadlines of any job role. So your certificate or qualification will demonstrate to employers that you will be able to meet the demands of a working role.

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October 5, 2017

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