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Key Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2019

Businesses are using more complex advertising trends now than ever before and knowing the key programmatic advertising trends that seem to be shining bright is a must for any marketer. So here are three key programmatic branding trends 2019 that you need to stay on top of.


Programmatic customization is now a very common practice and it allows teams to improve their performance and provide better relevancy with personalised messaging. Vast amounts of data also mean that advertising creative can dynamically change to be all the more relevant to users, with ads adapting to factors like location, device, weather, time, and demographics. That is probably why this is one of the biggest advertising trends that you need to keep an eye out for this year. One of the main advantages of the technology behind this would be that is creates a lot of feedback, which in turn lets marketers to optimise creatively in real time. They will be able to change what the customer gets to see at a rather rapid rate.

Programmatic TV

In the industry, there seems to be a steadily growing desire for a solution to bridge the gap from television advertising to online advertising. Therefore, with traditional TV adverts slowing their pace, and the buying of programmatic TV advertising going places, TV ads could have a high chance of being purchased programmatically. In fact PWC has predicted that programmatic TV will represent about one third of global TV ad revenue by the year 2021. There are some big benefits here too. The most important one possibly, being that it allows for precision targeting based on more accurate consumer information. This is definitely one of the top branding trends 2019 to watch out for.


This is not a new practice at all, however, it is one that is definitely gaining popularity among advertising trends.  In 2019, brand owners have an increased desire to own and operate their own data, largely motivated by the opportunity to gain more value from advertising spend (by utilising resources more effectively). Some of the reasons behind this is value from ad spend as well as ensuring transparency and brand safety. It also helps that with in-housing brands have overall more control and authority over how their branding will be done. While a few years ago, the opposite of this advertising trend was true, right now, in-housing is looking like something that will stay awhile.

But here’s the deal breaker.

If you are in the advertising field without a clear idea of how you can utilise these trends, you may be in deep water. Getting the right education is a must when it comes to any career and especially, with a career that is as dynamic and evolving right now as advertising is. So make sure that you keep learning and that you keep investing in brushing up your skills as you move forward.

August 27, 2019

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