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Live Online Classes

Global Edulink is now offering Live Online Courses, which comprise of lectures given over the internet in real time. These classes will be taught by highly experienced instructors, and as the courses are in real time, learners will have the chance to ask questions, and interact with other learners. All lectures will be recorded, so you can view them again. In addition, learners enrolled on our Live Online Courses will be given free access to the online version of the course.

What subjects do you cover?

Our Live Online Classes will cover a range of subjects, explore them below.

Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis

What you can expect from us


Our virtual classroom are cutting edge, featuring virtual whiteboard technology, a chat system so students and teachers can interact, and much more.

Hands on

Learners of our Live Online Classes will take part in hands on projects, which will help you gain experience, and will reinforce the lessons.

Never miss out

All the lessons are recorded and will be uploaded to the learning portal, so you’ll never miss a thing.

How it Works

Live discussions are highly beneficial to the learner as it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and listen to the viewpoint of other participants. Live discussions through an online learning platform are convenient and advantageous to the learner.

  • The presentation is delivered live. The session will have an instructor and a group of participants where the instructor delivers content using up to date technology.
  • You are provided with a platform to clear any doubts, ask questions and engage with other students. It is an interactive and engaging discussion that learners will find very beneficial to their course of
  • Participants can listen to an audio voiceover of the instructor. In most instances, slides, demonstrations and videos are used.
  • Participants have the freedom to pose any question, take part in polls and surveys to improve the effectiveness of a webinar.
  • Participants are allowed to have one on one interaction with the instructor if required
  • Some webinars allow the audio system to be activated so that attendees can ask questions which can be heard by the others.
  • Webinars can be delivered in two ways, live and pre-recorded.


  • Live discussions will help you have an enhanced learning experience.
  • Students can interact with their peers and instructor through emails, live chats and newsgroups.
  • Live presentations can be viewed any number of times as students have access to this content.
  • Webinars provide consistency for learners. Every single participant will have access to the same content, guidelines and training.
  • It is a flexible platform allowing learners to choose a time and place most convenient to them.
  • You will hear different viewpoints which will help you enhance your knowledge on the subject.
  • The Q&A session will take place in real-time.
  • Online learning is less costly, because you don’t have to spend on travel or buying expensive textbooks.
  • Online learning provides students with a comfortable learning environment which lets them approach the instructor with ease.

Become a qualified candidate

Global Edulink Live Online Courses can help you go further

Our Live Online Courses have been created to help you further your career, and we believe that the lectures will be an instrumental part of this. Learners will be able to interact with instructors in real time, which will allow learners to ask questions, and will promote a more open and informative learning environment. If you want the classroom experience, then these courses could be for you.

Attend class wherever you are, all you need is internet connection and we’ll do the rest


Global Edulink is a leading online learning and training provider. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, no matter what their situation, which is why we strive to keep our resources cutting edge and easy-to-understand.



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