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Live Online Classes – a new way of Learning

We always want to keep innovating, and our new Live Online Classes are a new way of learning, which will save you time and money, allowing you to study in a classroom wherever you are!

Global Edulink is now offering Live Online Courses, which comprise of lectures given over the internet in real time. These classes will be taught by highly experienced instructors, and as the courses are in real time, learners will have the chance to ask questions, and interact with other learners. All lectures will be recorded, so you can view them again. In addition, learners enrolled on our Live Online Courses will be given free access to the online version of the course.

What subjects do you cover?

Our Live Online Classes will cover a range of subjects. Currently, we are taking bookings for the Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award in Education and Training (RQF), which will prepare learners to work in education and training. In the future we have many exciting Live Online courses planned, covering a whole host of amazing subjects, which will help you to get qualified! Visit our Live Online Classes page to find out more.

How do they work?

Live Online Classes are taught over the web, in a virtual classroom. Simply put, you’ll have a timetable, and will log in to the virtual classroom for each seminar. Every session consists of a two hour live lecture from an expert tutor, and a 30 minute live Q&A, during which you can ask any questions and will have the chance to discuss things with your fellow class mates. The system we use for Live Online Classes allows you to see and be seen by your fellow students, and means you can stay in contact with them during the whole session. You can even ask your tutor questions, and will be part of a unique learning experience. It really is the classroom experience, without the travel expense, or high priced fees.

What will I need to attend a Live Online Class?

All you need is your computer, laptop, or iPad, and internet connection, and you can attend seminars from anywhere!

Are there any benefits of Live Online Classes?

Our virtual classroom are cutting edge, featuring virtual whiteboard technology, a chat system so students and teachers can interact, and much more.

Learners of our Live Online Classes will take part in hands on projects, which will help you gain experience, and will reinforce the lessons.

All the lessons are recorded and will be uploaded to the learning portal, so you’ll never miss a thing.

You will be eligible for an NUS extra discount card, which gives you discount on thousands of amazing products.

Learners enrolled on our Live Online Courses will be given free access to the online version of the course.

Why should I take a Live Online Class?

Our Live Online Courses have been created to help you further your career, and we believe that the lectures will be an instrumental part of this. Learners will be able to interact with instructors in real time, which will allow learners to ask questions, and will promote a more open and informative learning environment. If you want the classroom experience, then these courses could be for you.
March 23, 2018

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