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Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

About the Seminar

The BCS Foundation Certificate will help you develop a broad understanding of the principles and approaches of business analysis. You will learn the fundamental concepts of identifying business functions and making improvements to achieve a successful business outcome. The course will certify you as a Business Analyst and equip you with the relevant skills and theory to manage multiple projects. This live online course is ideal for aspiring business analysts, business managers, project managers and business change managers who will benefit tremendously and be able to progress quickly in the field.

About the Seminar

♦ What is business analysis?
♦ The competencies of a Business Analyst
♦ Strategy analysis and investigation techniques
♦ The Business Analysis process model
♦ Stakeholder analysis and management
♦ Modelling business processes
♦ Defining the solution

July - 17 (Wednesday 2019) 7.00pm - 9.00pm 2 hrs Enquire Now

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