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Make Positive Lasting Change this New Year

Happy New Year from Global Edulink!

It’s that time of year again, the shops are filled with exercise gear, and the latest diet trends are being pushed down our throats. Everyone is shuffling around in a post New Year’s haze, brought on by too many parties, and too much food. The collective conscience is filled with ideas of new beginnings, reinventing oneself, and we reflect on who we are and who we should be. At Global Edulink, we’re all for change and reinvention, but we want you to be able to make positive and lasting change in your life, which will help you embrace the New Year.

Whether you’ve made a resolution or have already given up on it, January is a great time to challenge yourself and learn new things. With this in mind, we’re bringing you three courses which will help you to improve your life this year, whether you want to lose weight, reduce your stress level, or take up a new hobby.

These courses will help you to make positive, lasting changes, and are not just another fad diet. But the most important part of making positive and lasting changes in your life is making a resolution to do so. Make a promise to yourself that you will make these changes, and stick to them. Because you’ll be learning slowly, in a step-by-step format, you’ll find it easy to make the positive changes, and then stick to them.

If your resolution is to lose weight:

They say that the key to losing weight is diet, and knowing how much or how often to eat. Global Edulink provides many excellent courses which focus on nutrition, a discipline which is all about food and how it effects the body. So if you need to get educated about what you should be eating, you should consider our Diet and Nutrition Diploma – Level 3. The course will begin with an introduction to the fundamental concepts behind nutrition, and then moves on to cover interesting topics such as diet and detox tips, how food can affect skin and hair health, how to plan a healthy meal plan, and which ingredients to use. If you want to make changes to your diet, and start a healthy eating regime, then do it right, and learn from true professionals at Global Edulink. Click here to view the course!

If you want to lower stress:

Our Yoga and Mindfulness: Healthy Mind and Body course focuses on mindfulness and yoga, both of which are practices that are renowned for helping to lower stress and anxiety, so if you’re feeling a little frazzled post-Christmas then this could be the perfect remedy. You’ll learn it’s not just diet and exercise that keep us healthy, we need to take care of our mental health as well, and this yoga and Mindfulness course focuses on 2 practices which are renowned for dramatically reducing stress and anxiety. Mindfulness has become incredibly popular, and it comes highly recommended. It’s a practice which focuses your mind on being in the moment, and allows you to find peace in a hectic world. Yoga has long been known to strengthen the body, reduce pain, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. So during this course you’ll transform into a glowing beacon of calm! It sounds good to us. Click here to view the course!

If you want a new look:

The way you dress can impact on all areas of your life. It can give you confidence, make you feel powerful, and it can cheer up even the greyest of days. If the change you want to make this year is to your wardrobe, then you should look at our Fashion and Styling course. This fashion course will help you change up your style, and learn to mix colours and textures like never before. Think of this course as your own personal stylist, who will give you the lowdown on makeup, hair and body care, self-image, colours, and trends. Give your wardrobe a serious overhaul, and make long lasting change by learning how to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to with Global Edulink’s amazing Fashion course. Click here to view the course!

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January 12, 2018

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