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Office Administration Training – Level 3
Classroom Course


Office Administration Training – Level 3

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2 - Days

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ABC Awards

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£399 £299(inc. VAT)

Assessment Included

The Office Administration Training Level 3 course is a practical course to learn how to effectively take on the role of Office Administrator and manage administrative tasks. Administration is a core component of any organisation and its smooth flow will lead to the overall success. The course prepared learners for a career in office administration. Have a clear understanding of administrative procedures and protocols. The course will enable learners to progress to multiple sectors with in an administrative department. The Office Administration Training is a 2 day intensive programme and excellent course to equip participants with the fundamentals of office administration.

The course will enable individuals to progress into well-paying jobs and is a great qualification for beginners who want to change careers, or enhance their skills and knowledge in office administration. Learn administrative tools, guidelines and how to effectively oversee the tasks in an office.

We are one of the best classroom training providers for education by offering Office Administration Training Level 3 in London. Our 2 day intensive programme is popular, highly rated and recommended by our previous learners. Individuals can learn in a great classroom setting along with other benefits which include printed course material, stationery and refreshments. The course will feature 17 topics that will discuss the role and responsibilities of an effective Office Administrator and how to excel in your job position.

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♦ Competitive pricing.

♦ Small class sizes.

♦ Friendly, attentive staff for flexible helpful service.

♦ Learn what it takes to become an effective Office Administrator

♦ Learn how to multitask and provide direct administrative support to employees and customers

♦ Learn how to delegate duties and tasks to staff and monitor their work

In this Office Administration Training – Level 3 Class, you will study:

   ♦ Why Your Office Needs Administrative Procedures.

   ♦ Gathering the Right Tools.

   ♦ Identifying Procedures to Include.

   ♦ Top Five Procedures to Record.

   ♦ What to Include in your Binder.

   ♦ What Not to Include in the Procedure Guide.

   ♦ Share Office Procedure Guide.

   ♦ Getting Organised.

   ♦ Managing Time.

   ♦ Getting it all Done on Time.

   ♦ Special Tasks.

   ♦ Verbal Communication Skills.

   ♦ Non-Verbal Communication Skills.

   ♦ Empowering Yourself.

   ♦ The Team of Two.

   ♦ Taking Care of Yourself.

♦ Training in full air-conditioned facilities from an experienced instructor.

♦ Extra course material.

♦ The exercises that you have worked on during your course to allow you to practice afterwards.

♦ You will receive CPD and iAP accredited training completion certificate end of the training which has no any additional cost.

♦ Also, you have an option to apply for ABC Awards accredited certificate by completing an assessment and you will receive this certificate directly from ABC Awards which has no any additional cost.

♦ Free access to the online version of the course.

♦ A full colour training manual.

♦ Refreshments through the day.

♦ Printed Course Manual.

♦ USB stick to take the exercises away.

♦ Stationaries (Notebook, and Pen).

♦ Access to Computers if needed Free Wi-Fi.

♦ Access to Breakout Area.

The Office Administration Training – Level 3 Class, UK will help you learn:

   ♦ Have a clear understanding of the job role of Office Administrator, learn guidelines and procedures and adhere to relevant standards.

   ♦ Learn how to schedule and organise meetings, prioritise tasks and set deadlines.

   ♦ Provide operational support to team members in the administrative department and other departments.

   ♦ Learn how to file and maintain proper office records to support daily office operations.

   ♦ Enhance your communication and interpersonal skills and support the common objective of the organisation.

   ♦ Learn how to support communication with stakeholders.

   ♦ Learn office administration skills, reception skills, time management and human resource skills.

The Office Administration Training Level 3 course is suitable for anyone who wants to acquire the skills and knowledge required to be an effective Office Administrator. The course is also helpful for Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants and HR Personnel.  

♦ You need to be at least 16 years old

♦ You should have a basic grasp of English, Maths and IT

♦ You will receive an accredited Office Administration Training – Level 3 certificate upon successful completion of the course.

♦ Also, you have an option to apply for ABC Awards accredited certificate by completing an assessment and you will receive this certificate directly from ABC Awards.

Once you successfully complete the Office Administration Training Level 3 course, you will gain an accredited qualification that will give your career the jumpstart you have always wanted. With this qualification you can further expand your education or go onto work in numerous positions that will also put you in line to demand a higher salary or job promotion. The average UK salary per annum is calculated according to https://www.payscale.com.

   ♦ Office Administrator – (£17,448  per annum)

   ♦ Administrative Officer – (£19,407 per annum)

   ♦ Administrative Assistant – (£15,999 per annum)

   ♦ Human Resource Administrator – (£19,665 per annum)

The course has been designed by a professional tutor who has extensive experience in office administration and has worked in similar positions as a high-performing individual making an impactful difference in the organisations. Students will be provided tailored lessons in topics covered under the Office Administration Training in this fully-fledged one-day Masterclass. The tutor will enable the student to complete the training with more skills to boost their academic potential. It is with the goal to ensure that learners acquire the relevant knowledge and understanding to work as an Office Administrator and achieve career success and enjoy a bright future.

Global Edulink reserve the right to reschedule any classroom session up to 48 hours prior to the classroom session. The session may be rescheduled due to tutor illness, low numbers of attendees for the session or other unforeseen circumstances.

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Harry Anderson

"As an aspiring Office Administrator I found this course very helpful. The course covers office administration in-depth and gave me the confidence to oversee my role and responsibilities effectively."

Zoella Falconer

"It is an excellent course that focuses on office administration guidelines and procedures. The training is effective and the tutor was helpful answering all my questions. I will recommend this course to other aspiring Office Administrators."

Aron Brookes

"I was looking for training in office administration to give me a solid qualification and I couldn’t have found a better course than this. The tutor was great and I learned more about office administration than I did in my actual job role. "

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