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Global Edulink provides the best quality courses from educational centres and institutions that are dedicated to excellence in learning and share the same value in teaching. We provide universal access to the best education in the world by partnering with accredited colleges and universities to offer online courses, Classroom Courses and Live online Classes.

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We have partners from around the world from colleges to universities and academic institutions and other corporate and government bodies who use our services to train their staff. If you want to boost your career options an accredited online qualification is the way to go.




As a Training Manager from HSBC I was looking for an effective leadership and management course for my staff. I wanted the premise to be to lead and manage teams effectively and have a positive influence on the organisation. I couldn’t have found a better suited match than I did with Global Edulink. The course was excellent and it contained new and seasoned resources with flexibly paced learning for staff who also had other commitments.
Training ManagerHSBC Group
As a Director from a medium size business who followed an entrepreneurship course in business, I recommend this training for all my small and medium size employees and other business owners and partners. The course teaches how to foster a culture of innovation, social entrepreneurship and grow a successful business. It is appropriate for anyone who is interested in helping your business stay ahead of the competition.
Director and Co-FounderIndependent Consultants
I’m an educator and I was impressed with an industry expert who was fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to teach the intricacies of the course. The learning experience was engaging and I felt like I was in a classroom setting. I would recommend this course to all my students as one of the most successfully designed programmes to deliver business management. This course should be a mandatory requirement for every decision maker in higher management.
Jane LinEducator and Social Entrepreneur

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