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Enrol on the Photography Course Bundle for only £199 and start a career in Photography.

In this programme you will be taught the tips and tricks that pertain to digital photography, landscape photography, photography with a DSLR camera, travel photography and commercial photography, which will help you explore various career paths.

Courses Included

The course combines practical knowledge and artistic details. Candidates will get to grips with all the fundamentals of photography from the Digital Photography, Mobile Photography and Photography with a DSLR Camera course material. Candidates will learn about composition, form, camera controls and other topics. During the other three courses students will develop the ability to use creative flair and imagination to take beautiful photos that will sell.

Career Paths for our Photography Course Bundle

This course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to kick start a successful career in the photography industry. You can also take this course as an opportunity to progress in your career substantially and to build on your expertise. Following are some of the job positions this course will qualify you for, along with the average UK salary per annum according to the given below:

  • Photographer - A Photographer can earn over - £20K per annum
  • Commercial Photographer - A Commercial Photographer can earn over £20K per annum
  • Videographer - A Videographer can earn over £22K per annum
  • Art Director - A Art Director can earn over £35K per annum
  • Creative Director - A Creative Director can earn up to £48K per annum

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