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Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® 2017 Edition

PRINCE2® is a highly valued and the world’s most widely chosen qualification related to structured Project Management and Project Coordination. This will be the ideal course for those who are hoping to work in the project management industry since you can learn how to manage successful projects. The certification involves making sure that the learner identifies how to divide a complex project into smaller segments which could be managed more easily. As a result, in an organization the work of the project manager will be made much easier since the project will be evaluated by the smaller. The performance goals of any project will be evaluated and you can learn how the six aspects scope, timescale, risk, quality, benefits and cost are evaluated when identifying the achievement of a project’s goals. The Prince2 method is built up on 7 principles, themes and processes.


The PRINCE2® principles involve the basic requirements which are essential to identify whether it is actually a PRINCE2® project or not. It is essential that all the 7 principles are applied for it to be a PRINCE2® Project and these are clearly specified in the PRINCE2® manual which is essential for you to study for this qualification.


The PRINCE2® principles consider the basic aspects of the project which are needed in order to ensure that the project is completed in a successful manner. The themes involves aspects like quality, risk, change management and the progress of the project venture. Detailed information regarding the themes could be obtained by studying the PRINCE2® manual which is vital for this course.


The processes include the different stages of the project lifecycle from the initiation to the completion of the project. The processes will provide checklists, responsibilities and guidance on how the project is to be completed effectively. The processes could be studied in more detail with the use of the PRINCE2® manual which a prerequisite for this course.

Prince2® Manual
PDF Version

The PRINCE2® e-manual is an essential element of this course and it is necessary to possess it in order to complete this certification in a successful manner. Once you have registered with this course, you will receive the e-manual via an e-mail within 48 hours. All the specific details in this course could be easily understood by studying this manual successfully.

Prince2® Manual
Printed Version

The PRINCE2® manual is a vital prerequisite to complete this course on project management successfully. You can obtain your copy of the physical manual once you have registered for this course. The manual will give you sufficient details with regard to the principles, themes and processes of project management which you will be taught on this course.


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