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Become A Commercially Savvy Manager

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But what does ‘Commercial Awareness’ really mean, and how can you develop it?

With the huge changes that have happened in the public sector around the world over the last five years, it can sometimes seem that citing the need for commercial awareness in job advertisements is a way of saying ‘You must have worked in a commercial organisation, and not just in the public sector’. But you can develop commercial awareness working anywhere, including on a voluntary basis, or even by reading and studying.



Commercial awareness is the ability to understand what makes a business or organisation successful through either buying or selling products or supplying services to a market. And, though employers cite commercial awareness as being one of the key attributes essential to employability as a manager, many people seem unable to demonstrate it.

As this thought-provoking book demonstrates, commercial awareness can be developed working anywhere including on a voluntary basis, and not just in a commercial organisation, or even by studying. Get a grasp on the details of commercial awareness which include understanding not only your customers and your competition, but by examining how to operate as a commercial concern whilst encompassing an understanding of finance, budgeting, and pricing implications.


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