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Channel Anger into Positive Workplace Behaviour Through Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is a growing field. The principles underlying this approach are identical to those applied to clients in therapy, but in the case of coaching, they are used to facilitate learning, performance and development outside of the therapeutic arena.

Just as this book develop unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour which give rise to and maintain depression and anxiety, we can also get into negative cycles which undermine our best efforts in other areas of our personal and working lives. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC) can help us to be more productive, more efficient, less stressed, more creative, and improve our working relationships.



Cognitive Behavioural Coaching looks to help others to manage their anger and underlying problems and issues by enabling them to recognise how their thoughts can affect their feelings and behaviour. CBC combines a cognitive approach (examining thoughts) with a behavioural approach (the things you do) and aims to break down the overwhelming issues that could be causing anger into smaller parts, making them easier to manage.

This enlightening book provides coaching techniques that can help ‘coachees’ learn how to manage their anger positively so that it is constructive and not destructive. Ultimately, coaches will learn tools and techniques that involve specialist theories and models and emotional intelligence to help them become an experienced practitioner of cognitive behavioural therapy within the workplace.


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