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Discover the Most Effective Ways to Achieve Successful Company and Share Price Valuations

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When trying to figure out which valuation method to use to value a stock for the first time, most investors will quickly discover the overwhelming number of valuation techniques available to them today. There are the simple to use ones, such as the comparable method, and there are the more involved methods, such as the discounted cash flow model. Which one should you use? Unfortunately, there is no one method that is best suited for every situation. Each stock is different, and each industry sector has unique properties that may require varying valuation approaches. The good news is that this book will attempt to explain the general cases of when to use most of the valuation methods.



When it comes to selling a business, the most important question to ask is – how much is it worth? There’s no one way to value a company as each individual business is just that – individual. The seller will undoubtedly want a higher price than the potential buyer wants to offer so, like many business transactions, a compromise must be reached. The valuation of certain, tangible aspects of the company may be straightforward (such as land, equipment, or machinery), but what about the intangibles (such as trademark or reputation)? Where does one start to account for these?

This extensive book is informative and provides the answers to the questions above and more. With contribution from finance specialists, the reader will soon come to understand how to undertake share valuation and the role dividend policy plays in the valuation process. Gain an insight also into the world of stock market investment and stock exchange listings. Compelling reading!


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