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Get That Company Valuation Spot-On and Launch a Successful Takeover

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Is it possible to determine whether a company is a potential takeover candidate before a public announcement has been made? Absolutely – if you know what to look for. Read on to learn the characteristics that well-financed suitors look for in their target companies. Once you know what the big companies are looking for, you’ll be able to determine which companies are prime candidates for takeovers. By Reading this book will, gain your knowledge about how you can benefit from takeovers as an investor.



So, you‟re in business, or are looking to go into business, by launching a company takeover bid? Where do you start? You and your business partners, if you have them, along with your accountants, have come up with your own estimation of what you believe the acquisition company‟s value to be, but its owners do not agree. You need to come to some form of agreement, right? But how is this best achieved? This book gives you all the advice you could possibly need. From gaining a background of the „softer‟ side of the process such as managerial motivation concerning corporate takeover, to the sound investment strategies and stock exchange valuations that can be employed to determine a mutually successful acquisition price.


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