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Key Strategies for Hiring Star Professionals

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There’s nothing worse than an organisation spending time, money, and resources to hire an individual who they feel is perfect for the role, only for that person to turn out to be anything but. Managers need to understand the keys to successful recruitment of new employees – the development of a systematic process for creating robust job descriptions, generating a pool of skilful candidates, and selecting those who are the right fit for the role. From knowing what you’re looking for in your next hire, to recognizing those qualities when you see them in the candidates you interview, this detailed book will help you to become confident throughout the entire employment process.



This book provides a step by step approach for the recruiting the most suitable talent to an organization. Not only for the HR people, but other managerial level people, the people who are from other disciplines such as engineering, medicine, and teaching would find this book is more useful as most of them have to engage in the process of recruitment in the day to day roles.


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