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Managers – Learn Essential and Key Coaching Skills

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Do you (or do you want to) manage employees? Have you ever wondered how to get better performance out of those you manage? Are you unsure if you are communicating effectively with your employees? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this course – and its associated specialization – is for you!
Leadership and management responsibilities have changed dramatically, particularly in the last decade. In order to be an effective manager in increasingly fast-paced and complex organizational environments, coaching has become essential.
In this book, you will learn what coaching is and learn how to differentiate between it and all of the other myriad roles managers are expected to perform.



Coaching is one of the most effective methods of enhancing performance. A good coach leads highly productive teams that are keen to learn new skills and, consequently, significantly increase the cost effectiveness and efficiency of their organisation. It involves deliberate and specific activities that are designed to help people develop by learning on the job.

This comprehensive book provides guidance on the difference between coaching and managing, and learning how to build rapport and become a good listener. The book also informs on how to develop procedures which include scheduling, knowing the right questions to ask a ‘coachee’ whilst challenging assumptions, handling feedback, and understanding how to plan post-session actions.


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