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Managers – Loosen the Reigns and be Surprised by your Employees Results

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Companies find themselves facing similar frustrations in their efforts to develop quality and high performance operations. The manner in which empowered employees and teams are implemented can either build or erode the trust that exists within the organization. There are a number of considerations involved when implementing empowered high performance organizations, such as “How does an organization give employees more control over their work without feeling as though it is reeling out of control?” The purpose of this book is to address three primary considerations: how your organization defines empowerment, the description of key boundaries, and the identification of roles and responsibilities that fall within those boundaries.



Delegation is one of THE most important management skills, though, as a manager, being able to comfortably designate responsibility and authority to others can prove challenging.

However, as this book shows, proficient delegation not only saves time, develops people, and coaches a successor, but it also motivates. It’s easy – really. Have confidence that if your staff are well trained, and so have adequate knowledge and skills, delegating certain tasks can not only allow them the confidence to excel, but also affords them the opportunity to prove their worth, which encourages positive self-development.

This awesome book demonstrates that it’s a management skill worth developing. Read about the simple steps to delegation freedom.


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