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Marketing is Not Selling – Get to Grips with Essential Marketing Principles

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Most businesses use a variety of marketing principles to improve the market performance of existing products and successfully launch new products. This book provides marketers with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and terminology used in marketing, such as: the Marketing Mix – outlining the elements that this mix comprises and demonstrates how it is applied in context; the Marketing Funnel – detailing what steps consumers take from initial product or service awareness to action; or, how to identify common marketing types – such as direct or B2B (business to business) marketing, whilst fundamentally explaining the key differences between marketing and selling. The book also features case studies containing real-world examples to help strengthen your understanding and bring the topic to life.



Marketing has gone beyond the classic printed ads, billboards or even television commercials. Unfortunately, this can cause any company to become confused or even intimidated about getting their product or service out into the market. But if we can learn the right strategies with the right tools, we can break into the marketing world without fear or hesitation.


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