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Powerful Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants

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Behind every Manager or Company Director you’ll find an organised and efficient Executive Assistant (EA) or Personal Assistant (PA). Being an EA or PA is a unique position that requires a variety of skills. It’s indeed a role that involves a juggling act of document creation, travel arrangements, and schedule management, and all tasks carried out with a high degree of discretion and confidentiality. This detailed book outlines how to work with management to provide them with the valuable one-to-one support they require. Learn how to gain a thorough understanding of your responsibilities so that you’re able to adopt to their style and anticipate their needs, and essentially achieve a smooth and effective working relationship. What this book teaches are the tools to enable an EA or PA to confidently deal with secretarial and administrative tasks so that their manager can focus on their own duties and make the best use of their time.



Executive and personal assistants have always played an important role in business. Their roles and responsibilities have evolved, but assistants are still vital to the profitability of any organization. Training to become an effective assistant will make you a valued employee who assists management on the road to success. This book is designed to give you the talents you need to be a Powerful Executive Assistants or a Personal Assistants.


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