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Practical Essays That Make Business Theory Simple

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A Business Management Theory is akin to the general concept of management which refers to directing and controlling a group of people for the achievement of a collective objective which is beyond the scope of individual effort. A Business Management Theory is a study of the principles and practices of a business to attain its desired organizational goals conducting effective management. This book will gain your knowledge about Business Management Theory at a range of approaches including the principles of accounting, public relations, operations, labor relations, time management, investment and corporate governance to improve the performance of a business in some measurable or otherwise provable manner.



This book presents essays that inform management students and professionals alike about essential business and management theories in order to gain a thorough understanding of the corporate world and the way in which it operates. It‟s, in effect, a management study diploma compacted into a book. Learn about such business fundamentals as change – what it is and how it impacts not only the organisation but the people employed within, and how to deal with change in a progressive world. Or, marketing – understand what comprises the marketing mix and how it relates to not only the business but to consumers. This is a crucial read for those looking to get ahead in business.


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