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Rid Your Workplace of Bullying and Harassment

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 Workplace bullies behave similarly to teen bullies. In addition to intimidating their victims, they may spread rumors to tarnish a coworker’s reputation, or fail to invite an employee to a key team meeting. They may also make fun of their coworkers or tell inappropriate jokes at a victim’s expense.
Bullying isn’t just detrimental to victims, it damages the entire work environment. Reading this book will teach you about how Workplace bullies impact every level of business, from productivity and profitability to creativity and office morale.



Bullying and harassment is behavior that makes someone feel intimidated or offended. Harassment is unlawful under the Equality Act 2010. Don‟t allow these conducts to fester in your workplace any longer.

This fantastic book provides professionals with the tools to first recognize bullish acts of bullying and horrific conducts of harassment; understand the key issues legally, organizationally, culturally, and personally; before grappling with solutions to combat these entirely at both managerial and organisational level. Bullying and harassment can take many forms – emotional, sexual, cyber. Delve deeper and get all the answers right here.


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