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Ten Fundamental Steps to Great Sales Success

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What makes someone a good salesperson? Well, ultimately, a genuine desire to help others solve problems. In this book, a sales specialist explains the steps taken throughout the sales process. Strategies are outlined that help you connect with and understand your customers’ needs, and position your product or service as the solution to their problem. You’ll be guided through the creation of your own sales process or how to identify gaps in your existing one. What do the successful sales initiatives of multi-billion pound enterprises, early-stage start-ups, technology, and healthcare companies all have in common? The success of their sales effort often comes down to the consistent execution of the fundamentals that you’ll find right here in this book.

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Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning someone into a buyer can be very complex. It requires you to convince someone with a potential interest that there is something for them in making their interest concrete – something that merits spending some of their hard-earned money. This book will give you a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale


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