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Ten Steps to Becoming an Outstanding Leader with Influence

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Leadership is often described as an influence process. It has been said that there can be no leadership without influence, because influencing is how leaders lead. Leadership differs from management in that whereas managers have charge of or responsibility for individuals, leadership involves influencing, and guiding in direction, opinion, course, or action. This book enlightens by focusing on elements such as how leadership evolved, how to be inspirational through behaviour modelling, how to enable others to act, and understanding basic influencing skills. Ultimately, this book can teach you how to lead without dictation, coercion, or intimidation, but instead lead through persuasion or inspiration.



They say that leaders are born, not made. While it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are born in the midst of adversity. Often, simple people who have never had a leadership role will stand up and take the lead when a situation they care about requires it. A simple example is parenting. When a child arrives, many parents discover leadership abilities they never knew existed in order to guide and protect their offspring.


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