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Turn a Bad Customer Service Situation into an Opportunity to Improve Your Business

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Have you ever been unhappy with the service you’ve received from an organisation? If in the likely event that you have, how did you respond? Were you calm and polite and accepting of the company’s lack of service? Or, were you anything but, and so were perceived to be “difficult”? If companies want to stay in business they must deal with customer complaints and challenging behaviour all that time, and possessing techniques that will help disarm unhappy customers is key to providing great customer service. This book provides these desirable techniques: having the right attitude, managing stress, transactional analysis (a psychoanalytical theory and method of therapy), gaining an understanding of the customer experience and how to competently manage a situation, as well as customer follow-up.



At first glance, handling a difficult customer may seem like a thankless job. Fortunately, you can develop skills to adapt to the challenges difficult customers pose and extend these skills to handling difficult people and situations throughout your daily life. By improving the focus of your thoughts and feelings, how you manage stress, and how well you listen to and empathize with others, reading this book, you will be better able to meet the challenges other people pose in both your professional and personal life.


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