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Using Business Model Frameworks to Create and Acquire Business Value

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 Since its establishment as an emerging area of research in strategic management over a decade ago, business model research has had little consensus towards adopting a single definition or common language for this rapidly growing management concept. However, strong agreement as to the relevance of value creation within organizations underlies existing business model literature. Moreover, applications of business model frameworks outside the private sector have been limited. Recent literature has identified business model innovation and design as a critical tool in effective implementation of organizational strategy. By reading this book, you’ll explore how to use Business Model Frameworks to Create and Acquire Business Value.



Value is something that businesses strive hard to achieve. It‟s definitely something researchers, executives, and investors have been interested in for decades. In recent times, strategy journals have published dozens of articles that focus on the concept of value. Yet, value is perhaps one of the most used and misused terms in the business world. Confusion persists not only about the meaning of the term, but more so about how it can be achieved in a sustainable way.

This book explores how business models, plans, and strategies can be created and implemented with an aim of achieving sustainable success for any company.


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