Six reasons why your company needs ITIL® – Managing IT resources is now easier!- thanks to ITIL®

If you are working at an organisation in the IT industry, you must be very familiar with ITSM (Information Technology Service Management). ITSM  has a good number of practices, with ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) being one of the main. ITIL®, since it focuses mainly on the end-user (service consumer) rather than the technological aspects, is today used by businesses in order to provide better customer service while being aligned to organisational strategies and needs. 

Today, both public and private sector organisations widely use this framework. Renowned companies such as Microsoft, British Airways, NASA, and HP have declared that they use this broad approach to ensure a smooth flow of their business functions. So, if your business organisation has not yet embraced this concept, and thinking about whether you should or not, please read on… 

ITIL® in brief

Do you know how useful is an ITIL certification for your business organisation? Simply put, this framework, since it stores decade-old data in its libraries, can help you arrive at the right and smart decisions when issues come up. Evaluation and analysis based on the actual data of your company are never going to be wrong, after all.

On the other hand, ITIL® helps your planning process. This will surely help you and your organisation to enhance customer satisfaction and design your services in a much better way. This is the main reason why many industry professionals value the ITIL® certification and training in the UK and encourage beginners to follow the ITIL® 4 foundation certification training course before anything else. 

1. ITIL® unites business and IT

If you have worked in the corporate sector earlier, you must probably be knowing that IT and business are two different departments in an organisation that normally don’t work together. But, ITIL® brings these two divisions (or teams) together and creates a strong alignment.

Once this is done, complaint handling, new product planning, and a lot of other functions are easier than ever. This means, that achieving organisational goals and objectives is also easier than ever.

2. ITIL® brings out better customer satisfaction

Isn’t it a fact that when the two divisions – business and IT work together; customer service becomes smoother and better? For instance, when a customer complaint comes in, the company can provide prompt responses and take corrective actions. This makes customers happy, and loyal to your service.

This is one way that your business organisation can gain a competitive advantage over the other competitive brands in the industry.

3. ITIL® ensures cost reduction

It’s a general complaint by most companies that their IT-related costs are higher, and that they keep on increasing. In terms of company overheads, IT costs represent a significant portion and that’s not a lie. For such companies, ITIL® is a great option because it reduces IT expenses to a great extent. In addition to that, the ITIL® approach also provides greater visibility for companies on their spending.

If you own a company or work at a company that has an issue with managing expenses, doesn’t adopting ITIL® look like a smart move?

4. ITIL® reduces risks

Risks and challenges are inevitable for any business organisation, but there are ways they can minimise these, and adopting ITIL® is one such strategy. ITIL® has several processes that help businesses to prevent service outages, and even when such an incident happens, ITIL® has processes to quickly repair all of them within a matter of a short period. 

The fewer those service disruptions happen in any company, the greater the quality of service it provides, and ITIL® plays a huge role here.

5. ITIL® helps to stay updated

Do you think any business organisation can survive in this ever-evolving business world if they don’t say yes to ‘change’? Digital landscapes are changing dynamically and no organisation will be able to survive if they don’t adapt to these changes.

ITIL® offers updated monitoring systems and insightful strategic reviews as well. With these tools, companies find a great solution to stay stable amidst the constant business change.

6. ITIL® community

As mentioned before, many big companies use ITIL® to get their IT services in order, and that creates a massive community around ITIL®. Since updates happen regularly, ITIL® organises training sessions also quite regularly, and that creates the perfect space for community networks too. 

So, if you are an employer aiming to hire new IT staff or to do some change in the staff, make sure you have the ITIL® qualification as a top requirement. People with this qualification know the ITIL® framework, and reaching your company goals with them will be hassle-free for you. Even during a period of crisis, professionals with ITIL® qualifications will make sure the profitability is not harmed as they maintain good communications with the business. 

If you plan to retain the staff as it is, you may also try letting them have ITIL® training. There are many reputed institutes out there offering ITIL certification online and all you need to do is to get your selected staff members enrolled in them. Although the company will have to bear the ITIL foundation certification cost, it will surely be an investment you do for your company’s growth in the long run. Even if you are a small-scale company (a start-up), ITIL® has a lot of benefits for you. It helps you save money, time, and many other resources and yes, the list of ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification benefits goes on.

Before choosing the institute for this training, make sure you go through the online recommendations made by the past students about the course. Since online learning is possible with many service providers, make sure you choose the best for you or your employees. With the best trainer, the learners get exposed to many important aspects such as the ITIL lifecycle, the ITIL terminology that you need to get familiar with, the processes, and many more.

If you do this investment on ITIL today, the business growth your company will reap tomorrow is sure to go up leaps and bounds. 

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