You have successfully submitted your work.
We will get back to you with your results and feedback in 2-5 weeks.

Results and Certificates:

★  After you passed all assessments, your results will be passed to internal verifier for the internal verification.

★  Once your results are internally verified, it goes to Awarding body for External Verification (External moderation) and then your certificate is claimed.

★  This External moderation and Certificate claiming process take about 4 – 6 weeks.

★  When we received your certificate from the Awarding body, we will send you an email notification to you for the verification of your postal address that we need to post your Certificate.

★  During this process, if you have any inquiry regarding your course, results or certificate, please contact our HELP DESK.

Resubmission Procedure:

★  If you fail any assignment, you can resubmit it.

★  Resubmission fee is £25 for each assignment and no feedback is given for resubmitted assignment.

★  Resubmission form is available in your Online Learning Portal.

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