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The benefits of gaining NEBOSH qualifications over other Safety Qualifications

If you’re currently investigating your options in gaining a recognised professional safety qualification and going over available occupational health and safety online courses, read on. In this post, we will discuss what benefits and opportunities a NEBOSH qualification can unleash in your career advancement.


What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH means National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH UK). It is a globally recognized safety management course provider in the UK. NEBOSH qualifications are accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and are gaining much demand among health and safety courses in Scotland. Apart from the UK, this qualification is highly respected and recognized by institutions around the world. It enables you to enhance the safety in your workplace and contribute to your professional development, leading to better job opportunities. 

What is the difference between the American OSHA program and the British NEBOSH qualification?

While OSHA is recognized in the United States, NEBOSH has renowned global recognition. Therefore, unless you seek employment opportunities in the United States, the NEBOSH qualification can help you secure Health and Safety related jobs worldwide.  

Let’s review some further benefits of securing a NEBOSH qualification.


Support your role and long-term career.

Occupational health and safety are one of the most critical aspects for an employer. Taking a NEBOSH qualification illustrates the commitment you make towards the betterment of your workplace and career. Let it be management responsibilities, operations, and production, or you are in a safety-specific role, an occupational health certificate from NEBOSH can help you further your career progression.


The course will prepare you to meet your job role’s health and safety challenges and enable you to make calculated decisions daily. 


It prepares you to: 

  • Apply practical skills related to health and safety in your job.
  • Act in compliance with the health and safety legislation
  • Limit or eliminate the risk of workplace hazards that can cause accidents or incidents of injury.
  • Understand health and safety improvements and enable you to offer suggestions to make the workplace a safer environment. 


NEBOSH is a highly accredited awarding body that is recognized globally.


The NEBOSH General Certificate is widely recognized and meets the optimal standards in health and safety. The course content is incorporated and reviewed by first-rate health and safety experts; therefore, the syllabus focuses on modern-day employer requirements. The skills taught are highly relevant and practical

despite the industry you work in. The skill-set and the knowledge you obtain will go a long way in making intelligent health and safety decisions. 

It is important to note that a substantial number of job vacancies that necessitate the completion of safety courses in the UK specify a NEBOSH qualifications’ requirement, further depicting the high standards of the NEBOSH courses and training.


Gain a variety of pragmatic and transferable skills that can be applied at every level of an organization.


Regardless whether your workplace safety challenges are specific, the NEBOSH knowledge foundation can provide you with a skill set that can be applied to any scenario. There are multiple ways a person can get injured at a workplace. The skills gained throughout the course can enhance an individual’s level of safety awareness and behavior. 

You will gain the skills to conduct risk assessments utilizing the 5-step guide.

Step 1 – Identification of possible workplace hazards.

Step 2 – Recognize who could get injured.

Step 3 – Risk assessment and evaluation of control measures to protect people from harm.

Step 4 – Record what you have observed as potential dangers.

Step 5 – Update and review the risk assessment as per requirement.

After completing the course, you will be equipped with a skill set that benefits you throughout your professional life. The practical training standards of a NEBOSH have made it a highly recognized safety course in UK that is valued by any organization focused on their worker’s safety. 


A NEBOSH certification can boost your career options.


Are You looking into starting your career in health and safety? The NEBOSH qualification can open pathways to many job opportunities. Over one hundred and twenty thousand candidates acquire the qualification every year, illustrating that NEBOSH jobs that require the qualification are in high demand. As you conquer ascending NEBOSH levels of health and safety courses, you further

qualify yourself for management positions available in the market.


The NEBOSH general certificate is recognized by global organizations such as IOSH, SAIOSH, and IIRSM. The membership levels in these organizations depict your professional status to employers and other colleagues in the field. At present many institutions offer NEBOSH master’s degree programs. A master’s degree in occupational health and safety can highly benefit someone who is already working in the field and has acquired a NEBOSH certificate, diploma, or bachelor’s degree to enhance their skill set and techniques.


Companies need to comply with the health and safety practices and recognize it as a vital management level skill. Therefore, if you wish to further your career in health and safety, a NEBOSH qualification is sure to get you there. 


Add new practices to your workplace that align with safety compliance.


After you gain a NEBOSH qualification, you can implement some reasonable safety practices in your organisation. You can re-evaluate the procedures and commitments that are already in existence at your workplace and advise on implementing advanced strategies to reduce occupational hazards. You can also implement strategies that would help your company save more money.


A NEBOSH course gives you the expertise to apply practical safety methods to every level of your organization, and you will start to address safety in everything you do. 


Not sure where to start? Some NEBOSH courses, such as NGC1, are a standard module in many certifications and can be completed individually. In contrast, others such as NCC1 are specific to National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. Therefore if you are uncertain of which direction you are heading with your career objectives, it would be useful to take a standard module first.

If you want to learn more about NEBOSH qualifications and training or plan to become certified, take a look at our courses on the Global Edulink NEBOSH courses page. We offer a range of accredited online learning programs for individuals to advance their professional development at the comfort of anywhere in the world. Find your area of interest and join hands with us to enhance knowledge and reach great heights in your chosen career path.  

April 20, 2021

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