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The Best Courses to take in November 2017

Employers are crying out for qualified professionals, and the most desired type of candidate is one who is educated in technology, which is why we think the courses below are incredibly useful. The courses are the best ones to take in November 2017, particularly if you’re a job seeker who hopes to enjoy a successful career.

Tech is everywhere these days, from mobile applications, to flying cars, there are innovations being made every day. If you are computer literate you’re already at a serious advantage, but if you can understand coding, or how to develop software, you will be in very high demand on the current job market. With a qualification in a technological subject, you could be developing new technology to power the future.

Our tech courses have been specially designed by experts who have years of experience, and cover a diverse range of topics within technology, so you can focus on an exact specialism.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

Become the Sherlock Holmes of the online world with this CHFI certification, which will teach you to respond to any cyber-crime attack. Computer crime is at an all-time high, and criminals are getting more cunning every day, finding new and creative ways to misuse the internet for the purposes of crime. If you’ve always dreamed of being a detective or spy, why not use your computer skills to catch criminals?

The cases you might come across are varied, and electronic evidence is vital to detect theft of company documents, computer break-ins, email fraud, breach of contract, disputed dismissal, and other situations. To crack these cases wide open a CHFI can employ various methods to discover data that resides in a computer system, or recover deleted, encrypted, or damaged file information. Securing and analysing electronic evidence is a central theme in an ever-increasing number of conflict situations and criminal cases.

This official online CHFI course provides you with the entire digital forensics process, tools, and techniques to identify a cyber-criminal and gather the necessary evidence in order to prosecute. You will learn how to secure the scene, collect evidence, and undertake testing in the lab. Once you’re qualified you will be in high demand, and could be working with the police or other law enforcement agencies, and will be entitled to a high salary. Not only will you enjoy many on-the-job perks, you will have great job satisfaction, as you’ll be helping to keep people safe.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

While more and more people put their details on the internet, there are those who use hacking to exploit this. They are malicious hackers, who operate online in the same way as thief’s do, stealing information and details for the purpose of either stealing money or demanding ransom. The NHS recently fell victim to a spate of hacking attacks, which dramatically effected patients and medical staff alike. As you can see, there is a desperate need for ethical hackers who can make sure that systems remain safe and secure.

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools that a malicious hacker does but in a legitimate manner to assess the security posture of target systems.

Our course can provide you with the CEH credential that certifies you in the specific network security discipline of ethical hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective. This knowledge is extremely valuable in the current climate as virtually all aspects of society are now computerised and cybercrime is a real threat, so there is huge demand for computer savvy individuals who understand how hackers operate. Upon completing this course candidates will be highly desirable to employers and will be able to capitalise on the need for cyber security.

The starting salary for a CEH is around £25,000, and for experienced individuals this goes up to as much as £50,000. In addition to a handsome pay packet, it is a job with a high level of satisfaction and enjoyment, so if you want an exciting career then it could be a great choice.

JavaScript Fundamentals

Being able to understand coding is an extremely useful skill, one that you should take advantage of, as it is a skill that is highly desirable to employers. JavaScript is a programming language, and is fundamental to the core technologies of World Wide Web content production. It can be used to create web pages interactive and provide online programs, such as video games. It is widely used, and is employed by the majority of websites and is supported by all modern web browsers.

This is why learning to use JavaScript is so useful, especially if you’re an aspiring developer, but even if you’re not it could definitely help your job search. Many employers will see a JavaScript qualification as a huge bonus, and it will improve your chances at getting marketing or social media positions.

This JavaScript Fundamentals will give you an understanding of the core concepts and syntax of JavaScript, to become familiar with the DOM, and will teach you to become comfortable working with libraries. Learners will come away with a good working knowledge of all the fundamental functions of JavaScript, so you can use this to go on and get your dream job.

Why not check out our full course catalogue? You never know what you could learn.

November 14, 2017

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