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What is NEBOSH National General Certificate? Top tips for passing NEBOSH National General Certificate successfully

Accidents and health hazards are very common in today’s fast moving world. This only emphasizes the need to be well prepared and knowledgeable to handle such situations in a wise manner. These hazards could be in the form of natural disasters or man-made catastrophes. Organization should give priority to the health and safety of the employees.


What is NEBOSH National General Certificate?

The National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) National General Certificate is one of the most renowned and highly-regarded health and safety qualifications in existence in relation to the work place. The NEBOSH exam is quite popular in UK as it is one of the best certifications one could get when it comes to occupational health and safety qualifications.

NEBOSH National General Certificate was introduced in 1989 and is known to be held by over 190,000 individuals in total. Employers generally look out for recruits with the best health and safety qualifications, especially when filling vacancies related to organizational employee wellbeing.



Who needs a NEBOSH National General Certificate?

Individuals obtaining the NEBOSH National General Certificate can be divided into two types. 

For some, the NEBOSH General Certificate is a stepping stone to a career in occupational health and safety. These people will be employed for the purpose of providing protection and considering the wellbeing of employees in an organization. Their primary function will be this and many of them will, at one point, move on to obtaining higher qualifications in this regard, such as diploma level qualifications. They could be involved in administration and security divisions of the organization.

Certain others will follow the NEBOSH course in order to have a solid understanding of occupational health and protection of employees. Implementing long-lasting health and safety measures and guidelines is the primary objective of these individuals. These individuals could be supervisors or line managers, who need a sound understanding of the subject matter.



Why obtain a NEBOSH National General Certificate?

NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety is a highly-valued qualification which will definitely give an uplift to your corporate profile. There are so many advantages of taking this course.

  • NEBOSH is a highly-recognized and reputed awarding body in terms of occupational health and safety.
  • It provides practical skills on the subject matter which is easily transferrable within the job role.
  • Supports the job role and provides assistance in a long-term career.
  • Provides more job opportunities by broadening job scope.
  • Adds more value to an organization.
  • Higher chances of demanding and negotiating a competitive salary.

There is no reason as to why you should wait to obtain this certification. Check out NEBOSH course and fees to help you take a decision on this regard.


What does NEBOSH National General Certificate consist of?

The NEBOSH National General Certificate course extensively covers how occupational health and safety measures need to placed and managed appropriately within an organization. It covers the vital legal requirements which are in place in UK. 

The practical component of NEBOSH expects the student to conduct a health and safety inspection of their organization and produce a report highlighting the findings and giving recommendations for each, as a solution.





NEBOSH covers the following key topics which are required in a standard health and safety general cert course.

  • The importance and vital features of occupational health and safety management systems.
  • The legal aspects of managing health and safety of employees within an organization.
  • Key elements of risk assessment.
  • Identifying general workplace hazards such as fire and electricity related catastrophes.
  • How to control recognizable hazards at a workplace.

The NEBOSH qualification can be divided into three sections as follows. Each of these sections are evaluated individually.

  • Management of Health and Safety (NGC1)
  • Controlling Workplace Hazards (NGC2)
  • Health and Safety Practical Application (NGC3)

Now that you have an overview of the NEBOSH National General Certificate course and its benefits, let’s look at some tips which can help you ace this exam.


Top tips for passing NEBOSH National General Certificate successfully

NEBOSH course fee in UK could be quite high, but it’s a certification well worth every penny you spend. This is why it’s important that you prepare well which will help you pass the exam with flying colours. Make sure to follow the tips below to do well in your exam.

  • Revise a lot before the exam – Give yourself enough to time to study and prepare well ahead of the examination. Allocate a certain number of hours every day until the exam so that you can put in your maximum effort.
  • Make sure you identify the command words in NEBOSH exam – Command words such as ‘describe’, ‘identify’ and ‘explain’ mean three different ways of answering questions. You need to understand this prior to writing down the answer. The NEBOSH course has a handy guide for this purpose.
  • Read the entire paper at the beginning – Read every question in the paper and start answering the question which is the easiest for you. You only need 45% to pass the examination, so it should be much easier to achieve if you first answer the questions you are most confident in.
  • Answer every question in the paper – Remember that you do not loose points for the wrong answer in the NEBOSH exam. So have a go at every question you come across in the exam. You’ll either gain points or not. You will not lose any points.
  • Manage time wisely – The exam consists of two written papers. Each exam lasts two hours and consists of 10 short answer questions worth 8 marks each and 1 long answer question worth 20 marks. It is recommended that you spend 8-10 minutes answering short answer questions and 20 minutes answering the long answer question.
  • Practice with past papers – Practice answering NEBOSH mock exam questions and past paper questions to get a feel of how the actual test might be like. This is a good way of preparing for the exam and obtaining a good score to pass.


National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – Official Exam Included

NEBOSH is a recognized awarding body and the NEBOSH National General Certificate is definitely worth having for any employee. Now that you have an idea of the structure of this course, its benefits and also tips on how to pass the exam, you can easily follow your path in obtaining the NEBOSH National General Certificate which specializes in occupation health and safety. Make sure to check out our National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – Official Exam Included which is a very descriptive course that will be essential for those who are interested in adding this qualification to their profile. If you need any information on our courses and exams please feel free to contact us through our email address support@globaledulink.co.uk. Our team is always ready to provide answers for your queries.

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