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What is a Proctored Exam: PRINCE2, BCS Business Analysis

Web Proctored Exams are fast becoming the ‘in’ thing in the certification industry. More professionals are seeking ways of getting a much-needed professional certification with less hassle. And, more firms are investing in solutions that will enable them to offer their candidates a chance to sit exams conveniently. You can sit the exam wherever and whenever you want. It is possible by simply using a webcam and enlisting the help of an online proctor.

What is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring refers to a digital form of assessment which allows you to sit exams from any location. During online proctoring, the software is used to allow students and course participants sit exams at any place of their choice. It has to be somewhere reliable and free from fraud. Monitoring software is used to track you with monitoring you through video, so the exam goes fraud-free.

What is Live Proctoring?

This type works like a real exam setting. Here, an online proctor watches over you as you do the exam. The proctor can intervene when he notices anything unusual just like in a real classroom setting. You need to book the exam in advance to see if there’s a proctor available to invigilate you.

How do Proctored Online Exams Work?

Remote proctoring allows a proctor sitting at one end, anywhere on the globe, to virtually monitor and invigilate examinations in another corner of the world. This is made possible through various tools which allow the proctor to view the live examination or a recording of the same. Auto proctored examinations are able to detect cheating automatically through technology.

Now with Global Edulink, you have the opportunity to study the PRINCE2 and BCS Business Analysis programmes where your examinations will be proctored online, meaning that you can stay safe at home and still get your qualifications.

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PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Course + Official Exam + Re-sit Exam

PRINCE2 is considered as the de facto project management standard that is widely adopted in many countries, including the UK and Australia. It equips you with excellent skills that will help you in managing different projects effectively and in managing the risks associated with the projects and hence, is a highly revered skill in the project management world. Therefore, this program in PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation course + Official Exam + re-sit exam has been developed to officially certify you as PRINCE2® competent.

All of the fundamentals of PRINCE2 will be thoroughly explored in the course and you will come to understand how to initiate, plan, direct, monitor and close a project. After completing the course, you will be assessed through the official PRINCE2® foundation exam, which will evaluate your knowledge of the principles and themes of PRINCE2. The test will also assess your ability in tailoring PRINCE2 in various project environments and scenarios.

Apart from the benefits, the PRINCE2® certificate gives you in general, we have also made certain provisions for you to make this a worthy learning program. If you are uncertain about passing the exam at the very first take, you can book for an additional re-sit while registering for this course for a relatively small fee.

PRINCE2® 2017 Practitioner Course + Official Exam + Re-sit Exam

PRINCE2® Practitioner course + Official exam + re-sit exam course will first give you insight on all aspects of PRINCE2, starting off with the principles, themes, and processes that act as the foundation for the methodology. You will then come to understand how to start, direct, implement, monitor and control a project, all the while learning how to ensure its quality and minimise its risks.

After completing the course, you will have to take the official PRINCE2® Practitioner exam to obtain the final certificate. This exam will evaluate the knowledge and skills you gained through the course and will question you on how to carry about the typical day-to-day operations of a project management professional. The exam will also assess your ability in dividing the project into controllable and manageable stages.

Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

Gain a clear understanding of the essentials of business analysis and gain practical experience on how to apply core analysis techniques within a working environment. This is a comprehensive course that offers new and experienced business analysts with the right tools and techniques to perform business analysis roles. The course is perfect for individuals working as Business Analysts, Project Managers and Business Managers who want to get certified.

You will become competent at the end of the Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis and gain in-depth skills of understanding how to perform the role of a business analyst. Some of the key topics the course will cover include analyse and manage stakeholders, how to model business process, learn investigation techniques which includes interviews, observations and prototyping.

The course will equip learners with in-depth knowledge that will enable them to become successful Business Analysts. You will learn the fundamentals and how to apply them in any industry. The course will help learners maximise their chance of gaining employment in their desired job role.

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis

Business analysis is an essential component in project management. As a result, the demand for business analysts have been on the rise. If you aspire or want to work in this field, getting qualified is the first step to becoming a business analyst. This certification is highly recognised and will provide you with ample opportunity to progress in your career.  The course will focus on the role and responsibilities of a business analyst, how to avoid project failures, define project requirements and achieve the desired business outcome. This BCS Practitioner Level course is also ideal for anyone working in project management and is required to perform business analysis. This is an added qualification that will greatly advantage your career aspirations.

The BCS Practitioner course will help you identify business functions and how to improve developments in certain areas. The core goal of business analysis is to recognise potential business objectives, and evaluate your options to determine the most feasible business solution in order to improve business efficiency.

This is a professional level qualification that will help develop your skills and match your career path. Attaining this certificate will demonstrate that you are ready to support business change programmes successfully. You can showcase specialist practical skills.

Begin learning with us for PRINCE2 or BCS programmes online and gain the opportunity to complete your course as well as examination via a proctored process online. For more information contact our team on support@globaledulink.co.uk

March 30, 2020

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